Make a Tiny Clay Snowman Display

Create a tiny clay snowman with a decorative crown and pretty podium to sit on.


  1. Following the manufacturer's instructions, prepare a small handful of air-dry clay. Cover each plastic-foam ball with a thin layer of clay, dipping your fingers in water and smoothing the clay over each ball.
  2. Roll out six tiny balls of clay and press three balls into the large plastic-foam ball and three balls into the medium plastic-foam ball for buttons. Sculpt a tiny bit of clay into a cone shape for the nose. Cut a small length of wire and insert it partially into the base of nose. Indent a small circle for a mouth in the smallest plastic-foam ball using the handle end of an artist's brush.
  3. Let pieces set for at least 24 hours or until completely dry. Smooth out imperfections with fine-grit sandpaper.
  4. Base-coat the balls with white; let dry. Paint the buttons with black. Using a stylus or the tip of the brush handle dipped in paint and referring to photo, dot eyes on small plastic-foam ball. Paint the nose with orange. Paint the indent for the mouth with pink. Lightly brush cheeks with pink; let dry.
  5. Insert one end of 1-1⁄2-inch piece of skewer through the bottom and halfway into medium plastic-foam ball. Place glue on the other end of skewer length and push it into the large plastic-foam ball, aligning the buttons on the two balls in a straight line. Spread glue on small ball, or head, where nose will be positioned, then push the wire end of nose into head at that spot. Insert a small length of skewer into the bottom of the head, then glue and push other end of skewer length into top of medium ball. Let glue dry.
  6. Mix 1 part burnt umber paint with 3 parts water. Brush the mixture over the entire snow queen; rub it off immediately to create an aged look. Let dry. Brush entire snow queen with matte decoupage medium. While medium is still wet, sprinkle snow queen with translucent glitter. Shake off excess glitter; let dry. If desired, spray the piece with matte sealer to prevent glitter from flaking off.
  7. Trim a scrap of florist's foam to fit inside pedestal, cutting it level with pedestal rim. Hot-glue foam in place. Cut a piece of cardstock to fit inside pedestal. Glue it on top of the foam.
  8. Cut a 1-1⁄2-inch length from skewer and push it into bottom of snow queen, leaving about half of the skewer exposed. Push exposed end through cardstock and into foam in pedestal. Remove snow queen from skewer in pedestal; place glue in hole in snow queen and replace snow queen on skewer in pedestal. Glue bottle-brush tree to cardstock next to snow queen. Glue tinsel garland to cover cardstock on pedestal. Glue a small ball ornament to the pedestal.
  9. Cut two 3-inch lengths of wire for arms. Using needle-nose pliers, curl one end of each wire for a hand. Using your hands, gently bend each wire into desired position. Place a dab of glue on unbent wire ends and insert into the snow queen.
  10. Roll a small piece of decorative paper into a cone-shape hat; secure with glue. Glue hat to top of head at a slight angle. Place a line of glue around base of hat and sprinkle silver glitter on glue while wet. Shake off excess glitter. Coil a 3- to 4-inch piece of chenille stem, and glue one end into top of hat.


  • Air-dry clay (such as Creative Paperclay)
  • Three plastic-foam balls: 2 inch, 1-1⁄2 inch, and 1 inch in diameter
  •  20-gauge wire: silver
  •  Artist's brush
  •  Fine-grit sandpaper
  •  Acrylic paint: white, black, orange, pink, burnt umber
  •  Stylus
  •  Wooden skewer
  •  Crafts glue
  •  Matte decoupage medium (such as Mod Podge)
  •  Fine glitter: translucent, silver
  •  Clear matte spray (optional)
  •  Silver pedestal
  •  Small scrap of florist's foam
  •  Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  •  Cardstock
  •  Small bottle-brush tree
  •  Silver tinsel garland
  •  Small ball ornament
  •  Needle-nose pliers
  •  Scrap of decorative paper
  •  Chenille stem: metallic silver


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