A few household leftovers -- think that unmatched single sock -- can become an adorable snowman craft in no time!

Updated February 17, 2017


  1. Cut off and discard foot portion of white tube sock. Turn the tube inside out and wrap a rubber band tightly around the bottom (where foot portion was attached). Turn the tube right side out so rubber band is inside the sock.
  2. Fill sock with rice, pushing it down into sock as you fill. Fill sock until it stretches and is plump. Wrap a rubber band around the open end.
  3. Cut off heel and toe from one decorative ankle sock. Cut off heel of other ankle sock. Pull the sock without the heel and toe over the snowman; center it on snowman for a sweater. Squeeze the snowman body at the lower edge of sweater, pushing the rice down to create a solid base. Tie a piece of twine or ribbon around the bottom of the sweater. Repeat, squeezing snowman and tying with twine at the top of the sweater if desired.
  4. Place the sock without the heel on top of snowman for a hat. Tie a twine bow around the toe end of sock. Hot-glue a button or other embellishment to the hat if desired. Hot-glue small buttons on head for eyes and, if desired, on sweater.
  5. Cut off the pointed end of a wooden skewer and paint it orange; let dry. Hot-glue point to the head for a nose.


  • One midcalf or knee-high white tube sock
  •  Rubber bands
  •  Rice
  •  Pair of decorative ankle socks
  •  Twine or ribbon
  •  Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  •  Assorted small buttons
  •  Wooden skewer
  •  Acrylic paint: orange