If You Love Terrariums, You NEED to See This Easy Holiday Craft

You'll want one of these for every room!

Whoever decided to make air terrariums trendy gets a gold star in our book. Succulents and air plants are such easy and low-maintenance options to keep plant life in your home! Who doesn't love flora you don't have to water? Give your air terrariums a wintry makeover this season with our DIY snowy wonderland complete with reindeer figurines. This is such a fun project for the whole family, so grab the kids and get crafting!

First, use hot glue to attach figurines of your favorite woodland animals to a small piece of floral foam.

Next, glue the piece to the inside of a globe terrarium.

Fill the globe with faux snow. Be sure the foam block is completely concealed!

With spare branches from a wreath or a tree in your backyard, trim greenery and holly berries down to terrarium size.

Layer the fir inside the globe to look like full trees and bushes.

Finish your winter terrarium off with a ribbon accent and display it on a mantle, bookshelf, or as an adorable centerpiece on the dining room table. To learn more about this festive craft, check out our instructional video below:


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