How to Make Snow Family Bowls

Turn inexpensive glass nesting bowls into cheerful accessories with painted scenes featuring a snow family.

What You Need:

  • Glass nesting bowls: 5-, 6-, and 71/2-inch diameter
  • Delta Air Dry Perm Enamel Surface Conditioner
  • Tracing paper
  • Masking tape
  • Graphite paper
  • Stylus
  • Sea sponge
  • Air-dry enamel paints for glass, tile, and ceramics: medium blue, brown, navy, red, hunter green, maize, black, and white (We used Delta Air-Dry Perm Enamel: Cape Cod Blue, Chocolate, Classic Navy Blue, Country Tomato, Hunter Green, Maize, Ultra Black, and Ultra White.)
  • Paintbrushes: scruffy, flats, rounds, and liners
  • Delta Air-Dry Perm Enamel Retarder
  • Toothpick
  • Delta Air-Dry Perm Enamel Clear, Gloss Glaze

Download Snow Family Bowls pattern

How To Make It:

  1. Apply a coat of conditioner to the outside surface of each bowl; let dry. Trace the patterns from the pattern pack. Cut out, leaving a 1/8 margin. Tape the designs to the bowls, with graphite paper in between. Transfer the patterns to the bowls with a stylus.
  2. Dip a corner of the sea sponge into medium blue paint; dab onto the bowl rim. Wrap your finger in a paper towel moistened with surface conditioner. Wipe along the bottom and top edges of the sponged rim, creating a straight band. Continue around the rims of each bowl. Let dry.
  3. Use a scruffy brush to basecoat the snowmen with white paint. (Brushes may be rinsed between colors but must be dried before dipping into the next color. For shading, dip the brush into the retarder.)
  4. Working one snowman at a time, apply a coat of white to the head. While paint is wet, lightly pounce medium blue paint around the top and sides of the head. Using a scruffy brush, pounce white paint onto the blue mixture. While the paint is wet, soften edges and blend colors. Continue outlining the bodies in this manner.
  5. Dip a dry scruffy brush into the retarder, removing most of the retarder on a paper towel. Work a small amount of the red paint into the brush; dab lightly on the cheeks. Use the liner brush to paint the nose with an equal mixture of red and maize paints and the eyes and mouth with black paint. Use a tooth pick to make a white dot in each eye.
  6. Paint the scarf with red or medium blue paint. While the paint is wet, highlight the upper edges of the scarf with white paint and liner; let dry. To shade the lower edges of the scarf, add a small amount of black and navy paints to the medium blue paint, or a little black paint to the red paint.
  7. Using a liner brush, paint the arms brown, the snow on the arms white, and a line for the tree trunk hunter green. With a round brush, dab hunter green branches on the top inch of the tree. Pick up some white paint with the same brush and dab along the branch tops, working toward the center. Wipe as much white paint as possible on a paper towel and pick up hunter green for the next inch of the tree. Continue making branches and adding snow, being careful not to blend paints.
  8. Paint white along the bottom of the snowmen and trees, dabbing the paint to create an uneven line.
  9. When the paint is dry, brush clear gloss glaze over the painted areas, making sure to cover the top rim. Let dry 1 hour; apply a second coat. Wait 10 days before washing the bowls.


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