How to Make a Geometric Star

Rethink your Christmas wreath! This DIY Christmas decoration is perfect for hanging on your front door. This metallic geometric star is made with copper coil and wire. It's perfect for decorating your door, tree, or holiday mantel.

A big red bow puts the finishing touch on this handmade Christmas decoration. It may look like a complicated holiday project, but thanks to a simple threading technique it couldn't be easier. Try making one instead of a traditional Christmas wreath. 

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What You'll Need

  • 20 feet of straightened 3/8-inch copper coil cut into the following lengths: fifteen 7-inch tubes, five 12-inch tubes, and five 6-1/2-inch tubes 
  • Tube cutter  
  • 18-gauge copper wire 
  • Needle-nose pliers 
  • Wire cutters 
  • Burlap ribbon

Step 1: Begin Threading

Gather materials. Thread four 7-inch tubes of copper coil onto a 34-inch length of copper wire. Bend the wire between tubes to form a diamond. Twist the wires together to hold shape. Add a 15-inch wire and a 12-inch tube to a diamond point. Bend the wire so the tube extends lengthwise through the center of the diamond. Twist the wire between the tubes to hold it in place. Thread wire through one adjacent tube. Add three 7-inch tubes to the wire, bending the wire between each tube to form a diamond. Twist wire end around wire of adjacent diamond tip to connect the diamonds. Add a 15-inch wire and a 12-inch tube through the center as before.

Step 2: Finish Star

Continue adding 7-inch and 12-inch tubes to the wire, inserting the wire through existing tubes as needed, to form a star of five joined diamonds. Extend the wire out a tube on the center side of a diamond. Add a 6-1/2-inch tube to the wire. Bend wire so tube extends crosswise through the center of a diamond, perpendicular to and underneath a 12-inch tube. Twist wire to secure. Continue adding 6-1/2-inch tubes in the same manner through the center of each diamond. Trim wire end. Add a burlap ribbon bow.


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