Holly-and-Ivy Kissing Ball

Pick the traditional choice for holiday décor -- fresh-cut greenery. These holiday favorites symbolize everlasting good luck.

What You Need:

Hang a kissing ball and get ready to pucker up!
  • 5-inch foam ball
  • Fresh or silk ivy
  • Fresh or silk holly
  • U-shape pins
  • 3-1/2 yards of 1-inch-wide red plaid ribbon


Note: Use fresh holly and ivy only if you plan to use your kissing ball for a single day.

1. Cut an 18-inch length of ribbon for the hanger. Glue and pin the hanging loop to the top of the foam ball. Cut assorted lengths of holly and ivy. Use U-shape pins to hold the holly and ivy to the foam ball.

2. With the remaining ribbon, tie an eight-loop bow and trail the ends through the decorated ball, pinning the ribbon in place.


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