Holiday Decor: Simple Angel Wall Hanging

Made of buttons and bows, an angel wall hanging wears wings that resemble an olive branch, spreading a message of hope and peace.

What You Need

  • Thin cardboard (about the weight of a mailing box)
  • Sharp crafts knife and a cutting surface
  • Pencil
  • Light pink cotton fabric
  • Tacky glue
  • Disposable foam brushes
  • Ultra-fine (size 000) permanent marking pen
  • Red pencil or permanent marking pen
  • Pink powdered blush and small paintbrush (optional)
  • Heavy watercolor paper
  • Raw umber acrylic paint
  • Artist's paintbrush
  • Silver and gold high-quality artist's glitter
  • 1/3 yard ivory satin for the angel's skirt
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • Scraps of curly yarn for hair
  • Scrap of 5/8-inch-wide beige velvet ribbon
  • 1/2 yard gold cording
  • Scrap of old jewelry for the necklace
  • Seed pearls
  • 22-gauge silver-color wire
  • 6-8 assorted beads
  • Heavy off-white thread
  • Thin cord for hanging

Download Angel Pattern

How to Make It

  1. Enlarge the patterns to scale. Using a crafts knife, cut the body from cardboard. Trace the upper body and leg patterns onto pink fabric. Lightly draw the face onto the upper body piece. Cut out the fabric pieces.
  2. Brush tacky glue onto the cardboard upper body and legs. Smooth the matching fabric pieces over the cardboard pieces. Clip from the fabric edge up to the cardboard. Turn the fabric margins to the back and glue down.
  3. After the glue dries, draw the face with the fine marker. Make a small red dot for the lips. If desired, brush the cheeks with blush. Set the body aside.
  4. Cut two wings from watercolor paper. Paint both sides of each wing raw umber. Let dry. Paint the wing fronts again. While the paint is wet, sprinkle generously with glitter. After the paint dries, shake off the excess glitter. If the wings are not rigid enough, hot-glue a strand of wire to the back. Set aside.
  5. Cut the skirt shaper from cardboard. Cut two skirt pieces from satin. Pin the pieces together, right sides facing. Using a 1/4-inch seam allowance, sew along the top and both sides. Turn right side out and press lightly. Hand- or machine-baste the bottom edges together.
  6. Tear a piece of silk 1 inch wide by the width of the fabric. Sew a running stitch down the middle of the torn strip. Gather the strip to fit the bottom of the skirt and knot the gathering thread. Hand sew or hot-glue the gathered strip to the hem of the skirt. Take another running stitch along the skirt top and gather it to fit the waist of the body. Knot the gathering thread ends.
  7. Lay the skirt over the cardboard skirt shaper, taking care that the cardboard is covered at the bottom edge. Pin the sides in place, leaving enough fabric to wrap to the back of the cardboard. Place the center of the gathered waist at the center top marking. Hot-glue the skirt to the shaper at the waist and bottom corners. Glue the skirt sides to the back.
  8. Tear a 1-x-4-inch piece of fabric for the bodice and ravel one long edge. Gather the opposite edge to fit the waist. Glue the bodice to the body at the waist. Glue the skirt and skirt shaper in place.
  9. Cut three 8-inch lengths of yarn for the hair. Glue the hair in place and trim to the desired length. Dip the ends in tacky glue to prevent fraying. Let the glue dry.
  10. Hot-glue the velvet ribbon to the waist. Wrap gold roping over the ribbon and tie it at the front. Tack the cord in place with hot glue. Knot the ends.
  11. Trim the necklace scrap to fit the neck and glue it in place.
  12. Thread the pearls onto the wire. Shape the wire into a 2-1/2-inch-diameter circle for the halo. Hot-glue the halo in place on the back of the head.
  13. Hot-glue the wings to the back.
  14. For the garland, cut a small slit or make a small hole in each hand. String the beads onto the thread. Slip the thread ends through the hand slits and hot-glue the ends to the back.
  15. Cut the hanging cord to the desired length. Tie the cord around the wings.


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