Garden Gift

Give a gift that can be used indoors or out -- rocks with a personal touch.

What You Need:

Turn stones into personalized homemade gifts.
  • Rocks with smooth surfaces
  • Leaves
  • Alphabet stencil
  • Heavy paper
  • Pencil
  • Crafts knife
  • Spray adhesive
  • Newspapers
  • Spray paint in gold, copper, or other desired color


1. For the painted leaf or initial designs, trace a leaf or letter in the center of a piece of heavy paper. Using a crafts knife, cut along the traced lines, remove the shape, and discard, leaving a stencil. Spray the back side of paper leaf or alphabet cutout with spray adhesive.

2. For the painted rock, spray back side of leaves with adhesive. Place onto rock.

3. For both rocks, cover work surface with newspapers in a well-ventilated work area. Spray rocks with three light coats of spray paint. Let dry. Remove leaves or paper stencil.

More Ideas:

  • Make enough monogrammed rocks to spell a name or Welcome.
  • Use bright-colored spray paints for someone with contemporary tastes.


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