Fun and Funky Wreath

Ribbon, rickrack, and bold buttons make this a fun Christmas wreath.

What You Need:

It's easiest to work with bias binding while it's still on the card, unwrapping as you go.
  • Five 3/4-inch- and 10-inch-diameter brass rings
  • 4 chenille stems
  • Double-stick tape
  • 2 packages of green double-fold bias binding
  • 1 package of red jumbo rickrack
  • Thick crafts glue
  • Buttons in assorted sizes and colors
  • 1 yard each of four grosgrain ribbons in assorted widths and colors
  • Short length of thin wire


1. Center the small brass ring inside the large ring on a flat surface. Wrap the chenille stems, evenly spaced around the rings, to hold them in place. Keep the small ring centered in the large ring.

2. Use double-stick tape to tape the end of one package of bias binding around the large ring. Take the binding from the large ring to the small ring, bringing it down between the rings and around the small ring.

3. To return the binding to the large ring, bring it up between the rings and back around the large ring. Continue to wrap the rings in this figure-8 manner, going down between the rings and up at the outside of the wreath. Remove the chenille stems as you come to them.

4. When you reach the end of the first package of binding, tape or tie the ends of the two packages together at the back of the wreath. When the wreath is completely wrapped, tie or tape the binding end to secure it.

5. Evenly wrap the red rickrack five times around the wreath. Tie or tape the ends together at the wreath back.

6. Glue the buttons to the front of the wreath.

7. Tie a bow at the center of each of the three widest grosgrain ribbons. Wire together the centers of the bows; then wire the bows to the large ring. Tie the center of the narrowest ribbon around the center of the bows to cover the wire.


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