Want to keep the whole family entertained? Grab our free word puzzles, bingo games and coloring activity sheets—all in kid-friendly Christmas themes.


When the weather outside is frightful, gather the family for some good old-fashioned holiday games. You don't need to go out and buy Christmas-theme board games (which are festive and typically expensive) because our free printable downloads make it easy to play fun holiday-theme games at home.

Use these to throw your own family game night, or host a virtual game night via Zoom—with a Christmas twist, of course. Just download and print our free games, whip up a batch of Christmas cookies, and get ready for a fun evening of family fun. Who knows, this may just become your newest family Christmas tradition!

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Three Elf Bingo cards
Credit: Carson Downing

Elf Bingo Cards

Get the free game

Keep the whole family involved in fun Christmas activities this year. These Elf bingo cards are perfect for keeping kids on track during the busy holiday season; help them check off each activity and 'good deed' as they complete them. The first person to get four in a row gets a prize!

holiday placemats for coloring

Activity Card Placemats

Get the Activity Placemat

Scatter these adorable coloring placemats around the kid's table at your next big meal or holiday gathering. Set out the whole coloring sheet as a placemat, or cut up the activity placemat to create individual activity cards (or both)!

printable christmas download

Christmas Word Scramble

Get the free game

Think you can identify some favorite Christmas gifts even when their names are all mixed up? Prove it in this fun word scramble. This one is a fun holiday activity for older kids. And don't worry if you can't decipher all of the words: We've included a handy answer key with the printable download.

printable christmas game

Christmas Crossword Puzzle

Get the free game

Knowing what's hung by a chimney and the name of that clever red-nosed reindeer will help you complete this crossword. Print out one for each family member and race to see who can be the first one to complete the puzzle.

printable Christmas game

Christmas Word Scramble

Get the free game

Find all your favorite Christmas song titles, lyrics, and more in this fun word scramble featuring Christmas carols. The first person to circle each song title wins! If you need help locating the last few phrases, our answer key can help.


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