Free Wine Wraps for Christmas Celebrations

As a Christmas hostess gift or a simple holiday present for a wine-lover, wrap up a bottle of wine with these creative (and inexpensive wraps).

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    Button-Design Wine Wrap

    A pretty white dish towel looks like specialty gift wrap when you glue on some buttons in the shape of a tree. A big button keeps the ribbon in place at the neck.

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    Snowflake Wine Wrap

    Fishing wire does the trick to make delicate punched snowflakes fall from the top of a wine bottle. Add a glittering frame with a printed message to the base -- the recipient can use it as a photo frame after the wine is gone.

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    Snowflake and Tag Wine Wrap

    To add sparkle to a basic wine wrap, punch snowflakes in scrapbook paper and back the design with aluminum foil. Voila! A pretty wine embellishment that looks even better tied off with a metal-rim tag.

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    Paper and Frame Wine Wrap

    Tie off a mini gift frame with oversize ribbon and wrap a bottle with coordinating scrapbook paper for a finished wine wrap in a snap.

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    Free Wine Labels for the Holidays

    Get Christmas and winter holiday designs that can dress up your wine gifts -- free!

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