Festive Christmas Crafts Under $10

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Add handmade elements to your home -- and to the pile of pretty presents under the tree -- with these cheerful holiday projects. Pick out a few easy ideas, gather the inexpensive supplies, and have yourself a bit of merry making.

Candy Cane Tree

With a few lengths of string and a package of colorful candy canes, you can decorate your house for the holidays with this sweet display. Cut four lengths of string with the longest being 26 inches. Tie on candy canes, evenly spaced, and secure the ends of the string to the wall with tape or tacks.

Total cost: $3

White Christmas Village

Dress up the mantel with this snowy white holiday village. Print the patterns on white cardstock, and cut out with scissors and a crafts knife. Add vellum pieces for windows, adhering on the back. Cut white cardstock scraps to look like snow drifts; coat drifts with spray adhesive and sprinkle with glitter, then attach to buildings with hot glue. Add mini wreaths from the crafts store to finish.

Total price: $10

Carnation Wreath

Make a merry statement with a mass of bright red fabric carnations. Pick up a bulk supply from the crafts store, trim stems, and press into a foam wreath on both sides to completely cover. Hang in a window with ribbon and enjoy  from both inside and outside the house.

Total cost: $10

Paper Lace Doily Tree

Add a festive burst suggestive of snowflakes to any wall in the house almost instantly with an elegant doily tree. Pick up a package of white paper doilies at the crafts store and adhere a varied selection of sizes to the wall with glue dots or quick-release tape.

Total cost: $5

Geometric Ornaments

Transform metallic drinking straws into modern tree decor with just a few easy steps. Follow our step-by-step directions to make a set of these light-catching ornaments for your tree or to give as gifts to friends throughout the season. String one 2 3/4-inch straw, two 5-inch straws, and another 2 3/4-inch straw onto thread with a beading needle. Leave a 3 1/2-inch tail and pull the two tails of the string to create a diamond. Hold tight, and tie off with a knot. Don't trim the string.

String one 2 3/4-inch straw and one 5-inch straw onto the needle and tie off at the top of the diamond. Repeat to make the fourth side of the shape, tying off at the bottom of the diamond.

Thread the needle back through one of the 2 3/4-inch straws and bring the string out between the long and short straws; tie off. Thread a 3-inch straw horizontally and tie off at corner. Repeat for all four sides. Add a gold bead to the 3-inch tail, secure with hot glue, and trim string.

Total cost: $5

Plaid Hoop Ornaments

Pair classic flannel fabric with mini embroidery hoops for fun tree decorations you can make in just minutes. Secure fabric into a mini hoop, tightening the hardware and smoothing the fabric as you work. Trim fabric as close to the edge of the back as you can. Repeat to make enough to cover your tree.

Total cost: $2 each

Evergreen Dining Chair Decor

Add the fresh scent of evergreens, along with a natural holiday touch, to the back of each chair in the dining room to make a special family dinner even more memorable. Clip sprigs from trees in the yard, or save the trimmings from the base of the Christmas tree when you put it up. Secure to the chair with bright lengths of holiday ribbon.

Total cost: $3

Poofy pom-poms take centerstage in a seasonal wreath that isn't limited to a single holiday. Wire on a bird for a whimsical flourish.

How to Make a Pom-Pom Wreath

Gingerbread House Cloches

Keep your freshly decorated gingerbread houses looking their best all season long by displaying them in pretty glass containers. Simply place the finished and dried houses on top of granulated sugar "snow" and show off on a side table, mantel, or down the center of a table.

Total cost: $10 each

Photo Memory Tree

Make the season a little more meaningful by sharing childhood or past Christmas photos on a small potted tree. Print or copy photos in black and white or sepia tones and add photo corners if desired. Clip onto the tree with mini clothespins.

Total cost: $6

Starry Stamped Wrapping Paper

Try this budget-friendly take on designer gift wrap to help the presents under the tree look their best this holiday season. Recruit the kids and a stack of glitter paper. Use a star hole punch to make mini stars and scissors to cut larger ones. Wrap gift with white craft paper, then use glue or tape to add as many stars as you'd like.

Total cost: $4

Nuts for Natural Wreaths

Add a natural element to your home or front door and welcome guests with this rustic-chic wreath. Cover a foam wreath with faux moss and use a glue gun to secure whole almonds and cranberries to form the shape of flowers. Add branches and ribbon to finish if desired.

Total cost: $10

Pom-Pom Gift Wrap

Have more fun wrapping the pile of presents under the tree by crafting yarn into snowball-like pom-poms. Add a gift tag with hand lettering to finish the look.

Total cost: $3

Forest Friends Wreath

Combine lush moss, foraged branches, and feathered birds (from the crafts store, of course!) to make this elegant, holiday-ready wreath. Finish with ribbon and display on a window or over the mantel.

Total cost: $10

Advent Gift Tag Calendar

Craft the prettiest advent calendar yet with a collection of found objects and small treasures displayed on a fabric-covered corkboard. Stamp manila gift tags to count down the days of December; add trinkets and hang with T-pins.

Total cost: $10

Cupcake Liner Garland

Deck your house for the holidays with the help of a stash of merry and bright cupcake liners. Fold six liners in half and form into a small pyramid shape. Staple the back sides together (to hide the staples), and layer mini liners as desired. Continue folding and stapling bundles together to reach the length you desire. Hang around a doorway, a window, on the mantel, or on the tree.

Total cost: $8

Pretty Paper Christmas Trees

Transform decorative papers into a festive little forest with a few simple steps. Trace and cut the patterns, secure ends together with tape, and add a metallic star cut from glitter paper on top. Group on a colorful tray, or fill with bags of holiday candy and share with friends.

Total cost: $1 each (unfilled)

Striped Paper Straw Garland

Trim the tree with this playful -- and easy to make -- garland and enjoy the bright colors all season long. Cut paper straws into thirds and string them onto colored twine, adding a wooden bead between each straw piece. Knot to hold the pieces in place and make additional strands to festoon the tree as desired.

Total cost: $8 per strand

Easy Rosemary Wreath

Add a classic laurel-style wreath to the front door, and welcome friends and family with a burst of fragance and natural style. Use florists wire to attach sprigs of rosemary to a U-shape length of high-gauge wire. (For an alternate method, you can hot-glue the inner and outer rings of a 14-inch wooden quilting hoop together, let dry, and cut out an 8-inch section. Use wire to attach the rosemary.) Finish the wreath with a simple satin ribbon bow.

Total cost: $8

Poinsettia Petal Gift Wrap

Bring the classic look of the holiday poinsettia to your presents with this easy-to-craft embellishment. Cut a large and small petal template from cardstock; trace petals onto a flattened stack of coffee filters, and cut. (You want 6 each per flower.) Mix red and coral craft paints equally and paint the leaves. Let dry, and gently fold each lengthwise. Arrange petals on a circle of cardstock, placing the smaller ones on top, and glue in place. Finish by gluing mini pom-poms into the center, and taping the flower over ribbon on a package.

Total cost: $6

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