Felt Poinsettia Bloom

Create everlasting felt poinsettia stems that you can display all winter long.


  • Dark blue, bright red, dark red, and aqua felt
  • Green paper-covered floral wires
  • 6 turquoise self-shank buttons
  • Blue and red embroidery floss


1. For the center of the flower, cut six dark blue felt circles slightly larger than the buttons to help camouflage wires. Thread a floral wire through a circle and a button and twist the ends of the wire to secure. Repeat for all six buttons and circles, then wire the stems together.

2. Create five medium and seven large leaf shapes by stacking bright red felt atop dark red felt. Use a dark blue running stitch to secure. When stitching, leave an opening in the curved base of each leaf.

3. Make 2-inch loops at the ends of 12 floral wires. Insert a looped end into each petal base. Arrange medium and then larger petals around button stem. Twist additional floral wires tightly around all of the stems to create one thick stem.

4. Accentuate the buttons with five small petals, created by stacking aqua felt on top of dark blue felt and securing with a centered red-floss running stitch. Tuck small petals under buttons and adhere with fabric glue.


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