Three jolly snowmen faces decorate this cozy felt Christmas pillow.

Updated: February 17, 2017

What You Need:

  • Freezer paper
  • Felted wool: 6x12-inch piece of white, 18x20-inch piece of bright blue, 6-inch square of dark red, 4x6-inch piece of red houndstooth, 3x6-inch piece of bright olive, 6-inch square of black, and 3x5-inch piece of bright yellow
  • #8 pearl cotton: ecru, red, olive, yellow, black, orange, and dark peach
  • #4 crewel needle
  • Glue stick
  • Disappearing-ink marker
  • Paper punch
  • Red sequins
  • Red seed beads
  • Beading needle
  • Polyester fiberfill

Download the Chilly Chums Pillow Pattern

How To Make It:

  1. Cut the felted wool. Position the freezer paper, shiny side down, over the patterns. Trace the patterns the number of times indicated. Cut out the shapes on the traced lines.

  • Using an iron, press a freezer-paper shape, shiny side down, onto the front of the respective fabric; let cool. Cut out the shapes along the pattern edges. Peel off the freezer paper.
  • Position the applique pieces: Using the photo as a guide, place three white faces on the blue wool pillow top, overlapping as shown. Pin and baste these pieces in place with sewing thread. Whipstitch across the top edge of each face.
  • Pin the dark red hat over the face of the right-hand side snowman with the wool edges touching, and baste in place.
  • Pin the red houndstooth hat over the top of the center snow lady's face, overlapping 1/4 inch and tucking the left edge under the left-hand side snowman's face. Baste around the edges of the hat, leaving a 1-1/2-inch opening on the right side to tuck the right snowman's bright olive hat cuff underneath.
  • Pin the black top hat over the face with the wool edges touching, and baste in place.
  • Applique the right-hand side snowman: All stitching is done with a single strand of #8 pearl cotton unless otherwise indicated. The facial features will be appliqued after the hats are in position.
  • Blanket-stitch with ecru along the lower edge of the face.
  • Use red to blanket-stitch the outside edges of the ski cap. Place the bright olive hat cuff over the red hat section, overlapping the face 1/4 inch, and baste in place. Attach the hat cuff with olive running stitches. Trim the bright yellow strips to size as needed and attach with yellow running stitches.
  • Position the yellow jingle bells and use a glue stick to hold in place; attach with yellow whipstitches around the edges.
  • Use the disappearing-ink marker to sketch a curved line across each jingle bell. Draw two curved lines in the shape of an "X" at the bottom of each jingle bell. Stitch the sketched lines in black backstitches, and add French knots at the top of each curved line on the "X" shape.
  • Sketch lines for the strings that connect the jingle bells to the tip of the hat. Couch the bell strings with red. For a bow at the top of each bell, make a French knot with a red lazy daisy stitch on each side.
  • Applique the middle snow lady: Blanket-stitch with ecru along the lower edge of the face.
  • Tuck the left hat edge under the left-hand side snowman's face, then blanket-stitch with red along the hat brim. Use red to whipstitch the outside edges of the hat, leaving a 2-inch opening at the top for the pom-pom. Place the pom-pom strips under the tip of the hat, overlapping them under the edge and whipstitch to secure. Whipstitch the opening closed. Use red to sew running stitches along the curved edge of the hat.
  • Applique the left-hand side snowman: Blanket-stitch with ecru along the lower edge of the face.
  • Use black to blanket-stitch around the edge of the hat crown. Temporarily place the hat brim over the face, overlapping 1/4 inch, then position the yellow hatband under the top edge of the hat brim. Remove the hat brim and attach the hatband with yellow running stitches. Replace the hat brim and attach with black blanket stitches.
  • Place the holly leaves on the hatband and use olive to backstitch them in place.
  • Create the faces: Use a paper punch to make the eyes. Place the eyes and noses on the faces and temporarily attach them with a glue stick. Attach the eyes with black French knots in the centers.
  • Add the eyebrows with long black straight stitches. Attach the carrot noses with randomly placed orange straight stitches plus a few cross-stitches as desired. Use black to attach the nose to the snow lady in the same manner as the carrot noses.
  • Use the disappearing-ink marker to sketch all mouths and the snow lady¿s cheeks. Double black floss on the needle and outline the mouths with backstitches. Make the snow lady¿s heart-shape lips with three red French knots, and outline her cheeks with dark peach running stitches. Add a little powder blush to the center of each cheek circle.
  • Add sequins and beads: Add 7 or 8 sequin-and-bead berries on and around the holly leaves on the left-hand side snowman's top hat. Note: To attach a sequin and bead, thread a beading needle with sewing thread. Bring the needle from the wrong side of the fabric up through the sequin, thread on a seed bead, and return to the wrong side of the fabric through the sequin.
  • On the snow lady's hat, evenly place sequins and beads along the top edge of the hat brim's blanket stitching. Also add sequins and beads at the top point of her hat and beads only at the end of each pom-pom strip. Add a row of beads over the curved top line on each jingle bell.
  • Finish the pillow: With wrong sides together, pin the pillow front to the pillow back. Use a 5/8-inch seam allowance to machine-sew the front to the back, leaving a 6-inch opening on one long side for stuffing.
  • Firmly stuff the pillow with fiberfill and sew the opening closed.
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