Felt Candy Wreath

It's always the right time for candy. So cute you won't eat it up immediately. Also, because it's made of wood. Transform your felt scraps and a few wood beads into a cute wreath project you can customize for any holiday or any decor.

Something this cute shouldn't be this easy! In addition to our crafted candies, we also used colorful felt balls to add visual variety.

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What You'll Need:

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Wood beads
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Felt balls
  • Wood embroidery hoop

Step 1: Wrapped candies

For each of the wrapped candies, cut a rectangle from felt. Wrap the rectangle around a wood bead. There should be felt hanging over the bead. Hot-glue the felt to hold it in place on the bead. Tie ribbon around felt on both sides of the bead. Trim felt if necessary.

Step 2: Felt lollipops

To make the lollipops, stack and glue together two different-color sheets of felt. Cut the double sheet into long, thin strips, starting from a short end (our strips measured about 1/2 inch). Roll each strip into a coil, securing each end with hot glue, which will hold the swirl shape in place. To complete the candies, glue lollipop sticks to the backs of the felt swirls. 

Step 3: Embroidery hoop

Arrange felt candies and felt balls around an embroidery hoop (find these at crafts and fabric stores) to get the desired look, then hot-glue the pieces into place.

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