Three Easy Embellishments for Ready-Made Felt Christmas Stockings

Transform ready-made felt stockings into merry Christmas decorations with easy accents such as rhinestones, earrings, buttons, and rickrack.

What You Need:

  • Ready-made felt stockings
  • Rhinestone or pearl-studded baubles
  • Snowflake buttons
  • Fabrics glue
  • Clip-on or post-back earrings

How to Make It:

1. Using fabrics glue, adhere white snowflake buttons around the cuff of the stocking; glue red buttons randomly on the lower section. Incorporate different-shape flakes and buttons to enhance the appeal. Or do an embellishment reverse, placing red buttons on the cuff and the snowflakes below.

2. Sift through jewelry caches and thrift-store displays for rhinestone or pearl-studded baubles. Fasten fabulous fakes along the cuff's lower edge for a flirty finish. Short on brooches? Boost the shimmer with clip-on or post-back earrings.

3. Create a rippling snow effect with rickrack bands wrapped around the base of the stocking. Cut each rickrack strip to fit its designated place, apply fabrics glue to the back, and smoothly press to adhere it to the stocking. Repeat for each strip. Glue overlapping ends on the back of the stocking.


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