Up your Elf on the Shelf game with our 5 free printables.

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated December 02, 2019

One of our favorite pre-Christmas traditions is hiding the beloved Elf on the Shelf. We love brainstorming different ways to get the Elf into mischief around the house, but admittedly we find ourselves running out of ideas at the end of the month. These free printables will help you get creative this Christmas. Download adorable notes from the Elf and fun activity sheets. Plus, our daily planner makes preparation a breeze!

Elf on the Shelf Planner

Start this holiday season with our helpful elf planner to keep the magic going all the way through Christmas. Pencil in ideas for each day so you'll always have a creative idea. And, since you can easily see which activities are coming up, preparation is a breeze!

Download the daily planner

Naughty or Nice Cards

One of the Elf's primary purposes is to report back to Santa about who should be on the nice list this year. Set out reminders and encouragement with these adorable naughty or nice cards. Set out a 'naughty' or 'nice' verdict at the end of each day, or write in your own words of encouragement on the blank cards.

Download the card set

Elf Bingo

We love the mission of the Elf: keeping your kids on the nice list all season. Our Elf bingo turns daily chores and good deeds into a fun game for the family. Preparation is easy! Simply print our set of bingo cards and help your child check off each square as tasks are completed throughout the day. The first one to check off a whole row wins! Consider adding a bonus prize for bingo cards with every space checked off.

Download the bingo cards

Notes From the Elf

Our printable stationery adds a festive element to the mischief you have planned. Notes from the Elf can give instructions about activities (like finding hidden candy canes) or give reminders that Santa is watching to make sure the kids stay on the nice list. Print several sheets to keep the Elf's notes consistent throughout the season.

Download the Letter

Elf Accessories

Make a set of extra accessories for your Elf with our easy clothing template. Use pretty felt to make a fringed scarf or a scalloped skirt with a pocket; simply cut out the pattern and use a dot of glue to attach the skirt pieces. This is a great way to customize the Elf for your family. We love the idea of using felt or fabric in the colors of a favorite sports team or the kids' favorite colors.

Download the accessories template


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