With a simple pom-pom maker and our easy tutorial, whip up this adorable Santa Claus pom-pom that will be cherished by both adults and children alike! Hang as an ornament, stitch onto a sweater or tie to a gift as a gift topper—the possibilities are endless!

By Manal Aman
December 01, 2017
ornament craft hanging from tree

This adorable Christmas craft is the cutest way to trim your tree. To make this DIY ornament, all you need is some yarn and a pom-pom maker. Try experimenting with other festive holiday faces like elves. Once you've mastered the technique, you'll be amazed at how easy these cute Santas are to make. 

What You'll Need

  • White yarn, DK weight (Light 3)
  • Flesh colored yarn (as close as you can find). It's very important that the yarn weight of the flesh colored yarn be the same weight as the white yarn. In this case, the yarn is a DK, light worsted weight.
  • 3 inch pom-pom maker
  • Small thread clipping scissors (such as embroidery scissors or yarn scissors—you don't want to skip out on this tool, it will make your project much easier)
  • Miniature black pom-poms (or small black beads)
  • Pink or flesh colored felt roving
  • Felting mat and needle
  • White glue
  • Red yarn, the weight can be a little less or more than the other two yarns but there shouldn't be too much of a difference. Here, a Fine 2 yarn was used.
  • 2 inch pom-pom maker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Yarn needle

Step 1: Wrap yarn

santa pom pom ornament step 1

To make the pom-pom look like Santa, you'll need to wrap the pom-pom maker in segments of white yarn and flesh colored yarn in a specific pattern.

On one half of your pom-pom maker, begin wrapping with white yarn, taking it 2/3 way up the pom-pom maker. Cover the rest of this side with flesh colored yarn.

On the 2nd portion of the pom-pom maker, begin by wrapping white yarn about 1/3 of the way up the pom-pom maker. Then wrap a small portion of the pom-pom maker in flesh colored yarn. Wrap another small layer, but this time in white yarn. Finally wrap flesh colored yarn for the remaining portion on this half of the pom-pom maker.

Close the pom-pom maker and run scissors down through the center. Take a piece of yarn (color doesn't matter) and tie it through the center. Double or triple knot it if desired to make sure everything is tightly tied together. Open the pom-pom maker and cut the excess string you just knotted (we'll add string to hang the pom-pom later). 

Step 2: Trim

santa pom pom ornament step 5

Now it's time to trim the pom-pom! In this step you're going to cut your pom-pom so it actually looks like Santa. Determine where the center of the beard will be. This part of the pom-pom should be the longest. Using this point as a guide, begin to cut the rest of the white portion of yarn into a "U" shape to resemble a beard.

For the rest of the pom-pom, start by chopping off some yarn to shorten it and then shape the pom-pom.


Step 3: Add facial features

santa pom pom ornament step 7

To make a nose, cut a small piece of pink felt roving and roll it between your fingers. Use a felting needle and mat to shape into a triangular shape. Then directly felt the nose onto the pom-pom using the felting needle.

For the eyes, use white glue to secure mini black pom-poms into the Santa pom-pom.


Step 4: Make hat

santa pom pom ornament step 10

To make Santa's hat, first use a 2-inch pom-pom maker to make a solid red pom-pom. Once your pom-pom is made, use your scissors to trim the pom-pom into a triangular shape to look like Santa's hat. When you're happy with the shape, hot glue it onto Santa's head and finish the hat off with a small (storebought) white pom-pom.

Step 5: Hang

santa pom pom ornament step 11

Thread a piece of yarn through the yarn needle in whatever color you like (we used white yarn.) Now thread the needle near the top of the Santa hat. Pull thread through and tie at the top. Hang as an ornament or tie as a gift topper. If stitching onto a garment, like a scarf or sweater—or onto another textile like a throw pillow—stitch directly on using the yarn needle.

Each pom-pom will take about 1.5-2 hours to complete.


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