I absolutely love how this Christmas DIY turned out; the Mason jar gives it an amazing sense of rustic charm, and the pink tree adds a pop of color that typically isn't included in the classic Christmas palette. Make this easy Christmas craft with your family.

snow globe in front of mini Christmas village

I wanted to add some childhood nostalgia to my DIY holiday decorations this year, while still maintaining a chic and sophisticated aesthetic. While I love my reds, greens, silvers, and golds, there's always a special place in my heart for pink. 

This is such a great Christmas craft to do with your girlfriends or your kids! It doesn't take too much time, and the results are stunning. It also works as a wonderful homemade gift to give friends or loved ones, and won't break the bank. 

What You'll Need

pink tree snow globe materials
  • Mason Jar
  • Small bottlebrush tree
  • Fake snow
  • Pink and white spray paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pink pom-pom trim

Step 1: Paint

spray painting mini tree pink

Choose a bottlebrush tree that fits inside your Mason Jar. You want to have extra room for snow. Spray paint your tree pink and let dry completely. Spray the lid of the mason jar white and let dry completely. 

Try making several with different colored trees for a fun and festive holiday centerpiece. 

Step 2: Glue tree

holding down pink mini tree on jar lid

Glue the bottom of the tree to the inside of the lid. Be sure to center your tree so it stands evenly in the jar. Allow the glue to dry with the lid and tree outside the jar.

Step 3: Assemble

inserting pink tree into snow globe jar

Pour faux snow into the mason jar. Choose a faux snow that is bright white to contrast the pink tree. Don't have fake snow? Try using table salt or coarse sugar. Put lid onto the mason jar so the tree is inside and twist to secure.

Step 4: Add trim

woman holding diy snow globe in front of white tree

Once the snow globe is assembled, glue pink pom-pom trim around the lid, or try using metallic or glittery trim for an extra pop of holiday cheer. 

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    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    December 6, 2018
    Where did you buy the bottle brush tree?