We love creating playful ways to celebrate the holidays, especially when it comes to desserts. There are cookies, bars and pies, but how about making a cake for the holidays with these adorable DIY Christmas Animal Cake Toppers? Find a few animal figurines (preferably reindeer), and whip up these cute little scarves and hats for them.
With just a few supplies and a handful of steps, your cake will be ready for your holiday crowd. They might just fight over who gets to take one of the little figurines home! Read more for the full tutorial.

By Alice and Lois

Top your Christmas cake with these adorable winter animals. This DIY cake topper couldn't be cuter! We'll show you how to make a winter scene perfect for celebrating the season. 

What You'll Need

  • Felt sheets
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plastic animal figurines (found ours at the local toy store)
  • Yarn
  • Bottle brush trees

Step 1: Cut the Hat

To make the hat, cut out a 1-inch circle out of red felt. Then cut the circle in half. Cut off about an 1/8 of the half circle, as pictured. Size the hat to fit any kind of animal figurine you have.

Step 2: Finish the Hat

Fold half circle into a cone shape and secure with hot glue. Let dry. We added a little pom-pom on ours made out of a knot of yarn.

Step 3: Make the Yarn Scarf

To make a yarn scarf, simple cut a piece of yarn, medium thickness, into a two inch piece and knot both ends. Then wrap it around the animal's neck and secure with hot glue gun.

Step 4: Make the Felt Scarf

We made a felt scarf too! Cut a thin 2-inch strip of felt. Then cut 1/4 inch slits into both ends. Wrap around figurine's neck and secure with hot glue gun. Place on cake with a bottle brush tree and other decorations. Try adding a sprinkling of sanding sugar "snow."



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