Cute Crafts Projects to Make as Christmas Gifts

Plain tea towels embellished with ruffles and ribbon
Step aside, Santa. We're packing the best presents this year. Delight friends and family with unique Christmas gifts made from the heart. Our cute Christmas craft ideas, including customized bookmarks and the always-favorite gift of food or drink, will help you check off every name on your list.

Travel Chinese Checkers Game

A travel game is the perfect unique Christmas gift for anyone who loves a good time. Whip up this Chinese checkers game and get playing. 

Fabric Flower Necklace

A gorgeous necklace crafted from DIY fabric flowers is a surprisingly easy Christmas gift idea. Cut five 1-1/2-inch-diameter circles from colored felt for flower bases. Using one circle as a template, cut out several same-size circles from fabric in the same color. You will need 25–30 circles. To make fabric pom-poms, fold a piece of fabric in half, then in half again. Glue the point of the fabric piece to the center of a felt circle. Keep folding and gluing fabric circles until the entire felt circle is covered. Repeat to make five fabric pom-poms. Use scissors to rim and shape each pom-pom, making them symmetrical. Sew pom-poms together in a row, and stitch necklace chains to each end.

Tray Chalkboard

In need of Christmas gift ideas for mom? A seldom-used or thrifted wooden tray easily transforms into an adorable chalkboard that's perfect in its new role as a photo display. Use yellow and chalkboard paints to decorate; once painted, wrap a picture-hanging wire through the handles and across the tray front. Twist the wire ends together on the back of the tray. Mini clothespins make perfect picture holders.

Adorable Felted Whale

This felted whale tops our list of cute gift ideas. All it takes to create is a bit of wool roving and a felting needle. Use it as a stocking stuffer or as an adorable Christmas gift for friends. 

Cute Wine Bag

Bottoms up! This toast-worthy gift is perfect for hosts and guests alike. Simply turn a flour-sack towel into a wine holder with just four easy helpers: iron-on fusible adhesive, freezer paper, a kitchen sponge or sponge paintbrush, and fabric paint. Pop in the bubbly and you’re golden!

Stunning Sun Hat

Have a friend headed to a beach vacay? This DIY Christmas gift proves handmade is so much better than store-bought. Round up a whimsical sun hat and customize it with any phrase you like. 

"Cheers" Wine Wrap

Put your DIY Christmas gift on display with a clever package idea. Pour a little red wine or grape juice into a shallow bowl. Fold a cloth kitchen dish towel into quarters and lay flat on a table. Dip the edges of the base of a wineglass into the wine. Quickly set down the wineglass on the dish towel to create a circular wine stain. Using a letter-stamping kit, stamp your message across the center of the wine circle. Once dry, tie the dish towel around a bottle of wine.

Fabric Yo-Yo Art

A colorful and creative piece of artwork makes the perfect unique Christmas gift for anyone in your life. Fabric yo-yos assembled in straight rows show off the beautiful patterns. Sew yo-yos together, then attach them to the edge of the frame with a staple gun. To speed things up, skip the sewing and use a hot-glue gun to secure the yo-yos in place. 

Baker's Twine Pom-Pom Bookmarks

The book-lovers in your life will be wowed by our pom-pom bookmarks that double as cute Christmas gifts. To make, simply hot-glue a felt flower and baker's twine pom-pom to a purchased felt-covered elastic headband. Print the pattern, below, to cut three petal shapes from felt for the flower, then top with a pom-pom. 

Pancake Kit

Please everyone on your Christmas list with the gift of food. This delicious DIY breakfast comes together in a snap, thanks to purchased pancake mix, a container of milk, pure maple syrup, and fresh blueberries. Make identifying tags from twine and cardstock; an unused guest check transforms into an adorable recipe instructions sheet. 

Framed Monogram

Colorful baker's twine and papier-mache come together to create a too-cute monogrammed Christmas gift. Embellish a flat wooden frame with varying widths of wrapped twine on opposite corners. Then display a twine-wrapped papier-mache letter inside the frame opening. 

Succulent Terrarium

Deciding on a Christmas gift idea for mom can be challenging. Make her a sunny terrarium she can display all year. This cute gift idea is perfect for anyone who loves succulents. 

Jewelry Holder

Here it is! The perfect Christmas gift idea for the fashionista in your life. For a fashion-forward jewelry display, place fabric over a corkboard and adhere on the back using glue. Paint a picture frame in a matching color. Place the corkboard in the frame, then gift with simple pearl-head pins for hanging. 

DIY Cork Coasters

Popcorn isn't the only thing we string at Christmastime. Cheers to another holiday season with painted cork coasters! Just punch a hole and string around festive beer bottles. Bonus: They can double as ornaments!

Makeup Brush Pouch

Playful fabric can turn into an adorable Christmas gift idea. Help your friends corral their makeup brushes inside our colorful roll-up pouch that has divided pockets to fit narrow and wide brushes. Then roll it up and fasten the tie ends for compact storage your besties will thank you for.

Monogram Travel Map

Unique Christmas gifts don’t have to cost a fortune. Commemorate a special vacation shared with your loved ones with a map-covered monogram letter. Use decoupage medium to adhere a map to the front of a papier-mache letter. For extra durability, brush the surface with a second coat of medium and let it dry before adding flag-top pins to mark your visits or favorite cities.

Trendy Cactus Terrarium

You don’t need a green thumb to bring this DIY Christmas gift idea to life. Just fill a terrarium (available at your local crafts store) with white sand, your favorite cactus plant, succulents, air plants, and flowers. 

Mosaic Desktop Tray

This sweet mosaic organizer starts with eggshells and a wash of color. Draw a design on transfer paper. Apply a thin coat of decoupage medium to a ceramic or plastic tray; let dry. Transfer the design to the tray. Rinse the interior membrane from eggshells; let dry. Apply crafts paint to some shells. Break the shells into small pieces. Coat the tray with decoupage medium, and lightly press shells to the surface to create the design. Apply clear acrylic resin or polyurethane to protect your design.

Customized Teacup

You won’t find another mug like this on the shelf. Use a ceramic pen to personalize this cute Christmas gift as you please. Keep it cheap by searching thrift stores for the perfect cup and saucer.

Organic Bath Salts

Share the gift of relaxation—aka the perfect Christmas gift idea for mom! Package luxurious bath-time soothers in unlikely containers, such as these test tubes, to create a presentation that's as classy as the gift. In a medium bowl add an organic skin oil, such as macadamia nut oil, to coarse Dead Sea salt, stirring to saturate the salts. Saturated salts should be neither runny nor dry. Add a few drops of lavender oil and mix well. Scoop into individual containers. Top with a pinch of lavender flowers, and seal with a cork or other topper. Wrap and secure a printed or handwritten label around the containers to identify the contents. 


Alphabet Artwork Gift

Spell your sentiments with bright colors and patterns. Create an alphabet collage, compose a saying, or spell a name. Use a papier-mache letter as a template to trace the shape onto the back of patterned paper. Paint the letter blocks in coordinating colors. Cut out the paper shapes and glue them to the letters. Use a crafts knife to trim any excess paper, then assemble your personalized message.

Washi Tape Chargers

Nothing gets us charged up for the office gift swap like this easy and practical Christmas gift idea. Purchase a just-for-work charging cord for each coworker on your team, then dress up each cord in trendy washi tape for a cute Christmas gift they’ll use again and again. 

Memory-Saver Photo Frame

Highlight special memories of a trip, destination, hobby, or other event in this gift that will is a visual reminder of the giver as well as the occasion. Permanent blendable-ink markers create the shading and coloring. Arrange words and phrases in an illustration program or image-editing program, and convert them to an outline font. Print on art paper or marker paper. Color the words and outline them in black. Use as a mat to frame a photo. Embellish as desired.

Personalized Tea Kit

Make a gift as warm as your holiday sentiments. A custom tea blend with all the trimmings gives your favorite tea-lover a reason to think fondly of you with every sip. Start with individual-size heat-seal tea bags. Create or buy a loose tea blend and spoon it into the bags. Insert a length of decorative twine into the bag, keeping it in the center of the bag opening. To seal, press down on the edge with a warm iron. Glue an embellished tag to the end of the twine. Arrange tea bags and honey sticks inside a teacup to complete the kit.


Zoo Animals Gift

Go a little wild with this DIY Christmas gift you make yourself. Kids adore animals, and these silhouettes are a fun room addition they'll love through their toddler years. Cut animal silhouettes from plain white cardstock, then mount them on colorful patterned paper. Adhere each paper to a white mat board cut to fit a frame. Insert silhouette in the frame, and tie a ribbon around the exterior.

Painted-Glass Botanical Art

Got a frame, a paint pen, and a print? You can transform this pretty Christmas gift idea into real life. Print a copyright-free botanical image from an online source. Place glass from a picture frame over the image on a hard surface. Trace the outline of the botanical onto the glass using a fine-tip permanent paint pen. Let dry. Using an extra-fine-tip pen, fill in details. Let dry. Place glass in the frame; place colored fabric or paper on the painted surface. Replace the frame's backing and secure.

Handmade Dog Toy

No barking up the wrong tree here. Whether for your own pet or a friend's furry companion, this knitted dog toy will be a hit. All you need is some yarn, batting, and basic knitting tools.

Glittering Kitchen Canisters

The foodie in your life will display these DIY canisters front and center in the kitchen. Create the easy Christmas craft in two easy steps. First, adhere letter stickers to white ceramic canisters, then use gold and brown fine-tip oil-base markers to fill in the tiny dots. Let dry, peel off the stickers, and wrap them up!

Embroidered States Artwork

Capture memories of places near and dear by stitching the outlines of states in this cute Christmas gift. Choose places your recipient has lived or favorite destinations. Mark special locations with felt hearts.

Nature-Theme Log Art

Your unique Christmas gift practically sings when colorful birds are emblazoned on log discs. Reminiscent of souvenir log art, this display combines rustic charm and vivid color. Use a miter saw to cut a slice of wood. Print an image of a bird or other wildlife onto iron-on transfer paper, then follow the manufacturer's instructions to apply the image to the wood. Protect the transfer with gloss sealer.

Fanciful Pincushion

People who sew know how essential a pincushion is to their craft. So why not own one of these practical tools done up in fun trims and fabrics? These charming cushions start with a kraft paper box for a solid base and add a polyester fiberfill pouf on top to hold pins.

Travel Art

Capture memories of exotic vacations or dreams of yet-to-come adventures. Framed destination maps make handsome displays. On a vintage or new map, select a location and cut out that section in a size to fit your frame. Mount it on a backing using spray adhesive for a smooth look, then add the mat and frame.

Decorative Tea Towels

Add pizzazz to plain tea towels for a heartfelt and practical Christmas gift idea. Simply cut trims (ribbons, ruffles, and more) slightly longer than the width of the towel, then topstitch them in place.

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