Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Get the whole family in the holiday spirit with these easy Christmas crafts for kids. Our holiday crafts for kids include ideas for children of all ages. Try our Christmas ornaments, wreaths, and other Christmas crafts for kids to make this year -- the whole family will love decorating for the holidays!

Cute and Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Holiday time is a great time to spend some fun family time and create homemade Christmas crafts with your kids. From making ornaments to dressing up an alternative tree, you'll find something for every age.

Straw Garland

Straws pack a fun creative punch when you use them in unexpected ways. This playful garland is just right for a kid-friendly craft. Simply cut patterned straws into thirds and string them onto colored twine; alternate straws with wooden beads or mini bells. Begin and end the string with a bead. Knot the twine several times to hold the pieces in place.

Candy Cane String Tree

Let your kids get creative with candy canes with this fun, nontraditional Christmas tree. Cut four lengths of twine; the longest length is 26 inches. Have your kids tie on candy canes, spacing them about 2 inches apart. Tack or tape the ends of the twine to the wall to secure. Use one color of candy canes or mix it up with a few hues.  

Kids' Christmas Calendar

There's so much fun to be had in counting down the days in the holiday season. Create this Christmas craft with your kids to mark the passage of time in a unique way. Stamp or write numbers on the front of colored or clear vellum envelopes. Slip a good deed or a thoughtful idea (donate a toy or call Grandma) into each envelope. Hang numbered envelopes from spray-painted branches arranged in a vase.

Vintage salt dough ornaments are a cheap, old-fashion addition to your Christmas tree. You pick the pattern, you pick the color -- who knew DIY ornaments could be this easy!

Salt-Dough Ornaments

Whip up a batch of these classic holiday kid-friendly ornaments.

String Tree Craft

Use our free pattern (below) to create a display-worthy card holder for Christmas. Wrap linen fabric around cork board, then use nails and string to design a tree shape inside. Our guide makes it easy!

Postcard Ornaments

Postcards, magazine clippings, and old Christmas cards make beautiful holiday decorations. Let your kids pick their favorite designs, then simply punch holes at the top to make these easy Christmas ornaments.

Yarn Christmas Ornament

Colorful yarn ornaments are easy Christmas crafts for kids to make. Create the pom-poms using our step-by-step instructions (below) and skeins of brightly colored yarn. Add a hanging string, then let them hunt for the perfect spot on your tree to add it.

Snowman Snack-Container Craft

Throw together this creative and simple snowman snack holder using a recycled plastic drink container. First, remove the label from the drink container. Using crafts glue, adhere a blue pom-pom to each side of the lid. Then glue each end of a black pipe cleaner directly above each pom-pom. Crumple, then roll a 1x1-inch square of orange construction paper into a small cone shape. Glue the paper cone "nose" onto the container using crafts glue. Tie a strip of light blue rickrack around the container for the snowman's scarf.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

Your kids can customize an ornament in seconds with a name or Christmas message. Simply use letter stickers found at crafts stores. Add holiday stickers along with the name for a creative touch to these Christmas crafts for kids.

Tinkertoy Tree

Make a kid-friendly Christmas tree from a container of Tinkertoys. Create the tree by placing eight equal-size rods in a wheel and assembling the rows of branches in graduating sizes. Put the tree together by placing a center rod between each horizontal layer of branches. Build the tree from the bottom to the top, starting with the wheels of larger rods and ending with the wheels of smaller rods. Place the tree in a small pot or mug.

Christmas Crafts for Kids Tip
Decorate this Tinkertoy tree like you would a real one: Add a foil star at the top and hang a few small ornaments.

Pom-Pom Wreath

Let kids pick the color scheme for this Christmas wreath, and then let them help make it, too! Simply help your kids hot-glue colorful pom-poms and vintage light reflectors onto a flat-back foam wreath base. You also could use bulbs, vintage buttons, or recycled materials.

Make a Christmas ornament that works outside -- watch as we create a simple snowflake-shape design with paint sticks that can weather a storm.

Paint Stick Snowflake Wreath

Let the kids help you make this Christmas wreath. All you need are paint sticks and paint, hot glue, ribbon, and pine.

Colorful Clay Christmas Ornaments

A quick trip to the crafts store is all you need to make these pretty Christmas ornaments with your kids. Roll oven-bake clay into sheets 1/8-inch thick. Gently press a colorful clay bead (we used millefiori beads) into the center of a sheet; use decorative-edge scissors to trim around the bead. Bake the clay and the bead in the oven according to the package instructions; let cool.

Use glue to adhere the clay pieces and the clay beads together. Thread a 12-inch piece of crafts wire through the clay bead and add more beads to both ends, securing the beads by twisting the wire into a small loop.

Reindeer Slippers

Transform a pair of kid's polar fleece slippers into fun reindeer pals in a few simple steps. Cut the antlers and ears from different colors of crafts foam. Stuff the slippers with shopping bags to help hold their shape while you attach the pieces. Use fabric glue to adhere the pieces in place, and use straight pins to hold everything together while the glue dries. Glue a pom-pom nose onto each slipper; attach googly eyes and a length of tan chenille cord for the mouth.

Snowflake Gloves for Kids

Make a pair of ordinary gloves extraordinary with a few pom-poms and sequins. With washable fabric glue, fasten tiny pom-poms all over the gloves. To make a snowman, glue a large white pom-pom to the front of the glove and use smaller ones in different colors for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Or fasten small pom-poms to snowflake sequins for a frosty glove design.

Snack-Cake Stockings

Treat your kids to a fun and easy-to-make Christmas snack made with snack cakes, fruit rolls, and candy. Cut a diagonal line in a snack cake so one piece is slightly longer than the other. Flip the smaller piece over so when the two pieces fit together, they form a stocking shape. Press the pieces together. Cut a length of fruit roll for the cuff and let the kids use decorator gel to spell a name on the fruit roll. For the hanging loop, cut a narrow strip of fruit roll and fold it in half, tucking the ends of the loop inside the top of the cuff. Kids will love decorating their stockings with mini candy pieces, which can be secured to the snack cake with small amounts of frosting.

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