9 Creative The Elf on the Shelf Ideas to Try this Christmas

You've heard of The Elf, now learn how to hide him. These easy The Elf on the Shelf ideas are perfect for any busy parent.

Who gets your kids to behave better than The Elf on the Shelf? This whimsical toy "watches" your kids before Christmas, and reports back to Santa whether they've been naughty or nice. As a parent, you're tasked with hiding The Elf in a new spot every day. Though this may seem easy at first, it gets trickier as the days tick closer to Christmas. 

That's where these fun and easy-to-implement ideas come in. We combed the Internet for the most creative ideas for newbies and experts alike. From cheeky games to sweet situations, these silly ideas are sure to delight your kids. 

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Under Pressure

The Elf is so busy watching your kids, that sometimes he forgets to watch out for himself! This scene is easy to recreate. Just perch The Elf up high, then place a gang of hungry dinosaurs underneath. 

All Wrapped Up

Looks like The Elf missed the lesson on how to properly wrap presents. Set up this silly situation by loosely wrapping holiday paper around his body and limbs. Tape and a pair of tiny scissors complete the look. 

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Twist and Shout

Make a game of "Elf Twister" for your elf and his friends. Just draw four circles in green, yellow, blue, and red on a piece of paper, then strategically place The Elf so each of his limbs are resting on different circles.

Go Fish

Stashed next to their toothbrushes, this set-up will be one of the easiest for your children to find. Taped toothpicks and string create an effortless fishing pole, while colorful paper fish "swim" in the sink below. 

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Coffee Creative

With a little marker magic, single-serve coffee pods become a cute snowman friend for The Elf. Simply draw a hat, face, and buttons on each pod, then stack accordingly. You could use the same method to create a nutcracker, toy solider, or other holiday character. 

Wrap N' Roll

The Elf deserves a break from wrapping Christmas presents. Let him express his creative side with a miniature drum set. Craft drums from canned goods, a cymbal from a lid, and drumsticks from broken candy canes. For added fun, give The Elf a stage name, such as "Elvish Presley."

Tone Up

All of those sweet treats are starting to show! Keep The Elf in shape with his own pint-sized gym. Thread marshmallows on a short straw to create a barbell, or lay out a strip of fabric as a yoga mat. 

Sweet Serenity

The holidays can be stressful for everyone, including Santa's helpers. Let The Elf take a break in a relaxing bath of sweets. For this easy look, fill a doll-size tub with marshmallows, peppermints, or other small treats. 

Sugar Angels

Let The Elf get in on the cookie-baking fun. Simply fill a rimmed pan with powdered sugar, cookie mix, or flour. Then, place him in the center and move his legs back and forth to create "snow" angels. 

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