Creative Christmas Gift Bows and Trims

Dress up a special Christmas gift with one of these simple yet beautiful toppers made with holiday trims and bows.

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    Felt Mittens

    For special gifts, tie white boxes from a crafts store with fabric and luxurious ribbon and then deck them with felt mittens edged with blanket stitches and topped with buttons.

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    Santa's Helper

    Embellish a pretty package with a keepsake ornament tied in velvet ribbon. Add a gift tag edged with silver glitter for a bit of sparkle.

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    Gnome Gift Tag

    Ready to embellish your tree or identify your gifts, this charming stuffed gnome is easy to create using our downloadable pattern and simple instructions. Choose the version with "Happy Holidays" or inscribe your own wishes on his banner.

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    Nesting Boxes

    Turn a set of gift boxes into a special stacked present by wrapping them together with coordinating ribbon. Top with a grand bow and a sprig of winterberries.

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    Buckle Up

    Add stately elegance to satin and velvet bows with buckles and medallions fashioned from scraps of vintage toile wallpaper. Use pinking shears to give the adornments a decorative edge.

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    Stylish Storage

    The wrap is as much fun as the gift when you package items in a festive-color storage box. Tie the box with ribbon and top with a few sparkling silver ornaments.

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    Lush Gift

    Glue artificial flowers and berries to the lid of a beautiful red box for a gift that's almost too pretty to open. But don't stop there! Imagine pairing roses and small glass balls or amaryllis and snippets of greenery. Be sure to wrap the lid and base of the box separately so the floral decoration remains intact for future use.

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    Peppermint Swirls Ornament

    Well-dressed gifts can be an integral part of the decorating scheme. Here, a peppermint ornament, cleverly hung with a curtain clip, dresses up a simple box. The paper-covered hatbox is accented with a velvet ribbon belted with a rhinestone buckle.

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    Pretty Paper Pinwheel

    Scrapbooking paper printed on both sides twists into a pretty pinwheel for a whimsical package topper.

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    Start at the Top

    A simply cylinder looks picture perfect thanks to a pinwheel of ribbon folded and tucked into the top. Add a rhinestone buckle threaded with satin ribbon around the center of the package.

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    Box It Up

    A lidded box and a handful of ribbons and trims add up to one pretty present. Wrap the box and lid separately and use wide ribbons, layered or crisscrossed, for a bold look. Add a handmade label or adhesive-backed holiday trims for extra flourish.

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    Nature's Bounty

    Bring bits of nature into your holiday home, like tucking sprigs of ivy into the ribbon on wrapped gifts.

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    Go Retro

    Funky colors, prints, and shapes reminiscent of the 60s give a hot retro look to packages. Close a box with a single band of ribbon and add a gift tag cut from coordinating paper and dressed up with self-adhesive gems. For the bag, make a tag by layering white card stock and decorative paper. Stamp a greeting at the bottom of the card stock and fold over the tag. Punch two holes at the top of the bag and attach an ornament by threading ribbon over it and through the holes.

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    Ribbon Frills

    Make one-of-a-kind gift tags using ribbons. Cut and loop lengths of ribbon; adhere to packages with fabrics glue. Attach monogrammed tags fashioned with craft punches.

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    Pretty Packages

    Exquisitely wrapped packages give huge appeal to even the smallest gifts. Wrap the bottoms and lids of plain boxes separately using coordinating paper and white crafts glue. Use a grommet kit to set grommets in the box lids. Satin ribbon, threaded through the grommet and secured with a knot, shapes the unusual handle.

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    Star of the Show

    To turn paper-covered stars into gift toppers, punch holes in the bottom points and thread tinsel through to tie onto packages. Attach embellishments, such as glass beads and jingles, with colorful crafts wire. Twist the ends of the wire for extra whimsy.

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    Dressed to Impress

    'Tis the season for taking a little extra time to show the people on your gift-giving list just how much you care--but it doesn't have to take long. Add a special touch to your present by topping it off with a sparkling piece of costume jewelry.

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    Re-Gifting the Right Way

    Even last year's bows can be recycled. After securing a large bow to a gift, snip each loop open. A pom-pom placed in the center makes it pop.

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    Special Delivery

    For a dramatic statement, top a special gift with a floral display. Wire greens, flowers, and ornaments together and then tie the arrangement atop a gift with ribbon.

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    Wrap and Reuse

    This box is just the right size for homemade cookies in cellophane bags and perfect to reuse as storage for keepsakes. Personalize the box with layered ribbons, bows, and holiday cutouts (like this Christmas tree).

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    Glued On

    Hot glue is the key to creating a package garnish using small florist's picks, beaded clusters, or ornaments. Wire smaller items together first, then glue the cluster to the top of the gift box.

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    Glass Ball Ornament Gift

    Instead of a bow, top a package with inexpensive glass ball ornaments.

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    Odds and Ends Bow

    Put odds and ends to creative use to give a package an elegant look.

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    Jingle Toppers

    Your packages will jingle all the way when you decorate them with bells in assorted sizes.

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    Be Flirtatious

    Rows of red pom-poms add a flirty finish to a cardboard box and lid. It's easy enough for your kids to join in the wrapping fun using self-adhesive paper and pom-pom trim. Try other trims, too, such as jingle bells, faux gems, seashells, and river stones.

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    String and Tiny Trims

    Keep a box of colored twine, string, or ribbons to use on small gifts. Embellish the boxes even more by gluing on miniature trees or tiny wooden cutouts from a crafts store.

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    Pretty Wrapping Paper Blueprints

    Use standard blueprint paper, available at most office supply stores, and holiday stencils to create the blueprint wrapping paper. Stencil the designs onto the blueprint paper with a pen or pencil; cut out the designs and attach them to either white wrapping paper or plain white gift boxes. Use blue and white ribbons to complete the wintry look.

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    Papier-Mache Gift Boxes

    Spin Christmas carols around colorful papier-mache gift boxes and give them a whirl with gifts inside.

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    Southwest Style

    Match gifts to your home's Southwestern decor with pretty trims inspired by the area. Use brown wrapping paper and then add trims such as belt buckles, feathers, and turquoise.

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