Crafty Christmas Gifts for Girls

Neck Scarf
Skip the mall -- these homemade Christmas gifts come straight from the heart. Whether she's 2, 12, or 20-something, there's a crafty Christmas gift idea for every lady in your life: homemade spa kits, handcrafted hair bows, knitted scarves, iPod holders, and more!

Hair Bow Ties

Here's a golden Christmas crafts idea: Replace store-bought gift bows with homemade. The swanky bow ties not only send presents off in style, but they double as adorable hair wear. 

1-3/8 x 7-1/2" wool felt strip

1-3/8 x 4" wool felt strip

1-5/8 x 2-1/2" wool felt rectangle

7 x 3/4" glitter ribbon (optional)

Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Metal alligator hair clip

1) Hot-glue the short ends of the 1-3/8 x 7-1/2" wool felt strip together to make a loop. 

2) Pinch loop in center, centering glued seam at back; hot-glue front and back together to make loops.

3) Cut a V-shape notch on each end of the 1-3/8 x 4" wool felt strip using scissors. Hot-glue pinched portion of bow loops to center top of notched wool strip.

4) Wrap the 1-5/8 x 2-1/2" wool felt piece around center of bow and hot-glue on back.

5) Hot-glue a metal alligator hair clip to the back of the bow.

Flower Fabric Necklace

You might not be able to get her a fresh lei in Hawaii, but you can make her a beautiful (and budget-friendly) flower necklace. Start with her favorite hue of fabric, then scrunch and glue for blooms almost as pretty as the real deal. You will need: 


12" square of felt

1/2 yard of fabric

Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

18"-long necklace chain

Jewelry pliers


1) Cut five 1-1/2"-diameter circles from edge of felt square for flower bases. These don't need to be perfect!

2) Using one felt circle as a template, cut out several same-size circles from fabric. You will need 25-30 fabric circles. Save time by cutting in layers.

3) To make a fabric pom-pom, fold one circle in half, and then again. Glue the point of the scrunched fabric to the center of the felt circle. Keep folding and gluing fabric circles until the entire circle is covered. Repeat to make five fabric pom-poms.

4) Use scissors to rim and shape each pom-pom flower, making each one symmetrical.

Gold-Chained Pencil Necklace

Pencils are for more than just writing. Transform the daily utensil into a creative, gold-dipped necklace. Follow the instructions in the link, and your girl will be giving you an A+ in no time. 

Bow Headband

This Christmas, give a gift that's fit to be tied: a bow headband! Get the look by tying a small fabric bow onto a long, skinny piece of fabric. Mix and match patterns and colors to amp up the cuteness. 

Lacey Pocket Tote

Freshen up a plain tote with a lace embellishment that doubles as a pocket. To make, cut a piece of wide lace, leaving an inch or so extra on three sides to finish the edges. Using a stencil brush, cover more than half of the lace with a bright acrylic paint, then finish the rest with a metallic gold paint. Once dry, place the painted lace on the tote bag, folding the side and bottom edges under and securing with hot glue or stitching.

Beaded Jewelry

Every girl loves a little bling. Help her sparkle by stringing together a custom necklace she'll wear again and again. Head to your local crafts store to pick and choose your favorite bracelet cords and beads. Go plain or patterned, neon or pastel, geometric or organic -- either way, she will love it! 

Stitched Scarves

A double-sided scarf embellished with lined stitching is sure to make a warm and cozy statement this season. To craft, you will need:


1 yard red strip fabric

3/4 yard woven cotten linen

Size 5 embroidery needle

Valdani perle cotton: size 8 (M43-variegated multicolor reds)


1) From each fabric, cut 2-13x32" rectangles, noting direction of stripes (along 32" length)

2) With right sides together, sew 1/4" seam along one short end of red stripe rectangle to make one long strip that is 13x63-1/2", then press seams open.

3) Repeat Step 1 for woven cotton linen rectangles.

4) Layer red stripe strip and woven cotton linen strip with right sides together. Sew 1/4" seam on each long edge. Leave short ends unstitched. Turn right side out and press. If you like, place pins along some of the red stripes to keep layers together while hand sewing.

5) Using a size 5 embroidery needle, thread approximately 18" of perle cotton and tie a knot. Starting on the red stripe fabric side of scarf, about 1/2" from end, stitch with a long running stitch along a stripe. When you run out of thread, finish with a knot on the red strip side and begin again with another length of perle cotton.

6) Repeat Step 1 to sew along as many stripes as you want.

7) Pull out a few threads on each unfinished edge to create a frayed finish.

Jewelry Holder

Please an always-accessorized friend with a handmade jewelry holder. (It's easier than it looks!) A decorative metal screen doubles as a custom jewelry organizer when painted and cut to fit inside a salvaged frame. Use a staple gun to attach the screen to the back of the frame.

Create your own art canvas and embellish it with vintage jewelry for a one-of-a-kind piece for your walls.

Surprising Gift Made with Jewelry

Vintage jewelry, canvas, and a wooden frame are all you need to create this bedazzled wall art gift. 

Infinity Necklace

Who knew old tees could look so trendy? Dig up two on-hand T-shirts to create this drapy, four-step infinity necklace -- thin, cotton, and worn T-shirts work best. 

Ruffled Skirts

A bouncy multilayered skirt adds flirty fun to any outfit. To make, cut straight strips from two chosen fabrics; then gather and hem each layer as you like. Get full details in the link below. Warning: Excessive dancing and twirling might occur. 

Washi Tape Bulletin Board

Help your friends and family plan colorfully with a handcrafted bulletin board featuring the coolest crafts supply around: washi tape. Here, we crisscrossed lengths of the double-sided tape to serve as a ribbonlike lattice on a piece of corkboard. Secure the tape at each intersection with a thumbtack. Some fun photos and a frame (painted in their favorite color, of course) complete the look.

DIY iPod Holder

Playful, practical, and all around fun, these sewn iPod holders let you carry a tune in style. They even feature a swivel hook that snaps onto jeans or bags, so your girl can take her music almost anywhere she goes.

Memory Book

Recall the year's most memorable moments with a homemade scrapbook. Go old school with fun stationery and stickers, or choose something more contemporary, such as a sleek printed book. (You can make these online or at your local superstore.) Think of creative ways to switch it up, like using Instagram photos instead of regular ones. 

Spa in a Box

Aah. Give the gift of relaxation this Christmas with a DIY spa box featuring an assortment of homemade and store-bought essentials: scrubs, bath fizzes, salts, and more. Get the free labels in the link below.


Hand scrub how-to: Mix melted coconut oil, granulated sugar, and almond extract with a bit of food coloring, then fill a jar with your homemade scrub.


Salt soak how-to: Start with Epsom salts, sea salt, and baking soda for the basic mixture, then add your favorite essential oil and food coloring for a custom scent and hue.

Framed Watercolor Memory

Turn a sweet memory of your girl into a fabulous work of art! Start by converting your digital photo of choice to black-and-white, printing it on lightweight watercolor paper or cardstock. Laser printers give the best results. Tint your favorite details from the image with light watercolor paints using a soft watercolor brush. Leave the rest of the photo black-and-white, then let dry for at least three hours. If it still needs brightening, apply a second coat, let dry, then frame!

Drawstring Bag

Makeup, keys, wallet, or phone -- the options are endless. Whatever your girl chooses to stash away, this good-for-anything bag will keep it fashionably safe. All you need to make it is two 18x22-inch pieces of cotton fabric and 2 yards of cotton cording. 

Get creative with your handmade gifts! These fun homemade gift ideas ensure you'll enjoy crafting this holiday.

5 Fast and Foolproof Gifts

Fun frames, doodled mugs, cookie mixes, and more! Here are five handmade gifts she'll love!

Hadley Scarf

Crocheted scarves might just be the coziest around. Their chunky, sweaterlike style make them the perfect accessory for crisp fall days or blanketed winter nights. Our long frilled version lets your sweet girl wrap and wear it almost any way she wants. New to crochet? Not to worry! It's easy to pick up this simple V-stitch pattern. 

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