Cute Crafts for Baby's First Christmas

Capture the memories of your little one's first holiday with these keepsake projects both parents and baby will cherish forever.

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    Picture Perfect

    Create a keepsake ornament featuring your little one's precious face. Using a circle paper punch, punch a hole in the center of a piece of card stock to create a frame. Tape a photo to the back so Baby's face shows through the circle. Punch another circle from a square of colored paper and adhere it so it surrounds the first hole. Knot a ribbon through two holes at the top of the card stock to create a hanger.

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    Little Christmas Shapes Book

    Make a little book of Christmas shapes to read to your child. See if your child can find the same shapes around the house. See the inside of the book in the next slide.

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    Inside the Christmas Shapes Book

    This sweet book uses a ready-made blank book, but you also can recycle an old children's book for the base.

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    Embellish a Blanket

    Purchased blankets become personalized with simple sewing techniques. Stitch a border using ribbon or add iron-on letters for a soft touch.

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    Stitch a Simple Stocking

    Use fleece to create stockings you can use for years. Trim the cuff with the name of your baby using hand or machine stitches, monograms, or couched ribbon.

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    Decorate with Bottles

    Use baby bottles to create a unique display on your mantel. Fill them with colored decorator sugars (usually found in cookie decorating supplies), then tie them with ribbon and arrange on the mantel.

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    Make a Footprint Ornament

    Prints of her precious little feet become a perfect memento ornament for Baby. Use scrapbooking paper as a background and embellish with a ribbon border.

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    Make a Tree of Dreams

    Use colorful scrapbook papers and message charms to create the inspirational tree that conveys your hopes and dreams for the little one for years to come.

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    A Tree of Baby Shoes

    Spread the theme of Baby's First Christmas to your tree with baby-shoe ornaments embellished with tiny satin flowers. They're easy to make and add the sweetest addition to your holiday decor.

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    Ornaments of Treats

    Hang treats from your Christmas tree using scrapbook paper, glue, and ribbon. Fill the treat cones with cereal or other safe treats your baby will enjoy.

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    Baby's First Christmas Quilt

    Make this baby quilt for a little one's first Christmas using colors to match Baby's room. It's sure to become the much-loved, can't-sleep-without-it blankie of choice.

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