Adorable Christmas Sweater Crafts (Redefining the Ugly Sweater Party)

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Christmas crafting just got cozier (say that four times fast). Whether you're throwing an ugly sweater party or just gravitate to the fuzzy stuff, these crafts inspired by cardigans give second life to your holiday knits.

Sweater-Wrapped Stool

What stool wouldn't appreciate some leg warmers? To make, measure the legs of your stool and trim arms of a sweater to match. Cut the arms in half lengthwise and sew a seam in each to create the legs. Turn inside out and fold down 1 inch on each end of the arms. Sew hem to create a finished edge. Turn right side out and pull the arms onto the stool legs.

Christmas Sweater Pillow

A trimmed-down sweater is just the touch for a cozy corner. To make, buy a pillow insert that fits snugly within the bottom opening of your sweater. Turn your sweater inside-out and measure the appropriate length of your pillow up into the torso of the sweater. Stitch across the width of the sweater. Trim off the top part of the sweater and turn the sweater right side out. Insert the pillow form and whipstitch the pillow closed.

Sweater Ornaments

Miniaturize a Christmas sweater as an oh-so cute ornament. Here's how to make this inexpensive craft.

Wool Sweater Stocking

Santa will love tucking toys into a soft and sweet sweater stocking. Get the free pattern and instructions in the download, below.

Quick Wool Scarf Wreath

Four supplies and five minutes are all you need to make an adorable scarf wreath. Simply wrap a wool scarf around a foam or straw wreath form, pinning it in place as you go. Pin your final wrap and hang with ribbon. A sprig of spruce and cozy star decoration are optional add-ons.

Christmas Sweater Gift Wrap

Print these high-res copies of textured Christmas sweaters, then wrap your gifts in fashion.

Tabletop Sweater Trees

One wool sweater can make a handful of tabletop trees. Here's how.

Sweater Vases

Arm yourself with an adorable votive wrap made from the cuff of a sweater. Simply fit the arm of the sweater around a votive or vase and cut off the ends about 2 inches longer than the votive or vase. Fold the ends and hot-glue in place. Slip sweater over the votive or vase.

Sweaters in Embroidery Hoops

Make a ready-for-the-wall tree design with 16 small embroidery hoops (we used 3-inch-wide hoops) and interesting cuts from a Christmas sweater. Simply place the sweaters inside the hoops, fasten, and trim excess. Lay out in a tree pattern and use removeable adhesive to attach to your wall.

Sweatered Star

Cover a plain-Jane cardboard star (available at crafts stores) with a wool sweater. Trim the sweater slightly larger than the star and hot-glue the sweater edges to the back. A bit of embroidery floss makes a nice hanging loop.

Wool Basket

A cable-knit sweater gets a second life as a decorative basket. Get the instructions in the download, below.

Sweater-Printed Tags

Print our free gift tags (available below) to sweeten-up your gift wrap.

Felted Wool Star Garland

Stiffen a wool sweater into felt to create a star garland that would look lovely on a mantel, tree, or entryway. Get the free patterns and instructions, below.

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