Fun-to-Make Christmas Snowman Crafts

Snowman Garland
Don't wait for a snowy day to have some wintertime fun! You and the kids can build a snowman anytime with these festive crafts ideas. Fill your house with ornaments, pillows, gift boxes, and other forms of this jolly holiday gent. No matter which one you make, these snowman crafts are sure to melt your heart during the Christmas season.

Fun Felt Snowmen

Appliqued snowmen (we have the free patterns, below), make adorable felt ornaments. Minimal sewing skill is needed.

Folded Fan Snowman

Some clever paper folding brings Frosty to life! This is a fun snowman craft that the kids can help with, too.

Use cheap supplies to make fun snowmen crafts. Each snowman requires just a few supplies and can be made in minutes.

Snowman Family from Wooden Balls

This roly-poly family comes together with cheap crafts supplies. Make a whole crew!

Musical Snowman Ornaments

Deck the tree with your favorite frosty fellas. Cut sheet music into circles ("Frosty the Snowman" would be the perfect choice), and cut patterned paper into a hat, scarf, and nose. Outline each piece with black marker or mat onto black cardstock. Assemble as shown and punch a hole in the top for hanging.

Snowman Runner

This friendly snowman will welcome everyone to the table. We have the free patterns to create the wool runner.

Snowman Canister Covers

Dress up kitchen canisters with these cozy felted-wool snowman covers for a quick dose of Christmas spirit.

Cute Sock Snowman

Welcome these cheerful, easy-to-make snowman figures into your home for the holidays -- don't worry, they won't melt! They're made with household materials, like knee-high tube socks, decorative ankle socks, and rice for stuffing. Buttons and twine add cute accents.

Hanging Snowman Craft

Hang this smiling felt snowman in the window for an extra dose of holiday cheer. He comes together with felt and an embroidery hoop for a simple and sweet craft you can make in multiples.

Sweater Snowman

Dig an old knit sweater out of your closet and repurpose it as a merry snowman. For one snowman, simply cut off a sleeve and hand-sew one end shut.

Felt Snowman Ornament

Deck the halls (or your Christmas tree) with our pint-size take on Frosty the Snowman. He's made of felt, ribbon, and some polyester fiberfill stuffing for a jolly low-cost gift.

Snowman Recipe Box

Spruce up a small metal box with holiday ribbons, paper, and stickers to make a fun and festive recipe organizer. Purchase winter-theme ribbons, scrapbook paper, and stickers at a crafts or scrapbooking store, then decorate to your heart's content, including, of course, a die-cut snowman.

Tiny Clay Snowman Display

Let this regal snow queen reign over all your holiday parties this season. Easy-to-find materials, like air-dry clay, crafts wire, scrapbook paper, and a decorative stand, mean you can customize her colors and details to fit your holiday decor.

Glittered Clay Snowman

With beautiful details and a quaint, old-fashioned look, this handcrafted masterpiece would fit right into your favorite Christmas story. Make a model from aluminum foil, then cover with air-dry clay and decorate.

Snowman Scene Greeting Card

Send good tidings in style with this cute-as-a-button snowman card. To make it, fold a 14x5-inch piece of white cardstock in half to make a 7x5-inch card. Trim the left-hand panel of the card in half horizontally to make a "snowdrift" shape, as shown. Cut a few more cardstock snowdrift shapes and layer them on the panel.

Cut a snowman shape from cardstock, and add cardstock accessories. Attach the snowman to the card and include other embellishments, such as a paper tree and snowflake brads.

Felted Frosty the Snowman Craft

Having this warm and woolly snowman as a holiday decoration will help make you a jolly, happy soul! To make it, needle-felt tufts of wool roving into balls, then needle-felt the balls together to form the snowman's body. There's no magic needed to give the guy some character -- just add tiny bits of wool for facial features and the coal- like buttons.

Framed Snowman Ornaments

Festive ornaments don't have to be just for the Christmas tree -- these friendly snowman faces made from polymer clay hang in small picture frames to form fun holiday artwork.

Snowman Storybook Decoration

Cast your favorite snowman as the lead in this year's holiday scene. Carve a hole into a worn book using a crafts knife or hole saw, making sure to clamp the book to your work surface before you begin. Set a snowman figurine on top of a paper pinwheel to make a ruffled base. Tape or glue a classic winter image to the book's inside front cover to finish the decoration.

Happy Snowman Faces Garland

This cute-as-can-be snowman garland is sure to put a smile on your face whenever you enter the room this holiday season. These happy snowman faces are simple to craft -- just cover foam balls with air-dry clay, give each snowman facial features, and paint on details for instant character.

Festive Twine Snowman

To beat the frosty weather, build a snowman indoors with giant balls of twine. With an assortment of sizes, you can craft an entire family of snowmen. Hot-glue the rolls of twine together to form a snowman's body. Use tacks for eyes, glittered plastic-foam balls or larger tacks for the buttons, and twine-covered wire for the accessories.

Snowman Coaster Craft

Create cute little snowman coasters to cushion holiday drinks. Cut two ovals from black felt (available at crafts stores) for the snowman's eyes, a carrot shape from orange felt for a nose, and a scarf from red. Fringe the scarf by cutting five or six slits on the end. Using our picture as a guide, adhere the pieces onto a white felt circle using fabric glue. Straight-stitch around the edges of all the pieces to secure and embellish. Using three strands of black embroidery floss, stitch a mouth using a running stitch. You also can create the mouth with a black fabric marking pen.

Snowman Table Setting

Arrange plates and silverware to look like a snowman for a festive table setting or dessert display. Use a dinner plate as the snowman's body and a dessert plate as his head. A fork and spoon serve as the snowman's arms, and a knife and square napkin combine to form the top hat. Another napkin peaks out from under the plates to make a lovely scarf, and a carrot and two gumdrops bring his face to life.

Snowman Snack-Container Craft

Throw together this creative and simple snowman snack holder using a recycled plastic drink container. First, remove the label from the drink container. Using crafts glue, adhere a blue pom-pom to each side of the lid. Then glue each end of a black pipe cleaner directly above each pom-pom. Crumple, then roll a 1x1-inch square of construction paper into a small cone shape. Glue the paper cone onto the container using crafts glue. Tie a strip of light blue rickrack around the center of the container for the snowman's scarf. Fill the container with caramels wrapped in wax paper or other Christmas candy.

Pom-Pom Snowman Figurine

It must be snowing pom-poms -- this frosty figure is made from a stack of three. For this sweet snowman, stack three pom-poms, then add a needle-felted nose, earmuffs, a felt scarf, and glittery arms for the finishing touches.

Snowman Gift Tags

Stitched from cozy felt, these sweet snowmen can serve as gift tags or ornaments.

Snowman Ornament

With painted snowflakes and a shapely snowman, this ornament ensures it's always a snowy day. Use a pencil to trace a snowman design on a blue ornament. Use acrylic paint to fill in the design, adding little white dots for snowflakes. When dry, apply two coats of varnish and hang on a tree or use to adorn a gift.

Snowman Christmas Card

This smiling snowman Christmas card will warm the hearts of friends and family. Simple paper squares, a die-cut snowman, and festive buttons make it easy to send off holiday greetings this Christmas.

Snowman Garland

Decorate your doorways or mantels with this shimmering snowman garland. Cut out the snowman garland from white paper, and paint with white glitter glue for extra sparkle.

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