Christmas Holly Napkin Ring

Make this simple holly napkin ring with felt and jingle bells to bring cheer to the Christmas table.

What You'll Need:

  • Tracing paper
  • Wool felt: 1 sheet each of green and white
  • 1 sheet of embossed red velvet felt
  • Scissors: straight and scallop-edge
  • Fabrics glue
  • Hand-sewing needle and matching threads
  • Small red jingle bells
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • 3/8-inch-wide red-and-white check ribbon

Download holly leaf pattern

How to Make It:

  1. Trace the holly leaf patterns onto tracing paper. Cut out the shapes.
  2. For each napkin ring, trace three small leaves onto green felt and three large leaves onto white. Cut out the leaves with straight scissors.
  3. Glue a green leaf centered on each white leaf with fabrics glue; let dry.
  4. To add dimension, pinch the wide end of each leaf to make a small fold. Secure the fold with a single stitch. Pinch the wide ends of the leaves together on the back to make the stems, referring to the photo.
  5. Sew the stems together, wrap the thread around the stems two or three times, and knot. Trim the stems as needed.
  6. Use the scallop-edge scissors to cut a 1-3/4x7-1/2-inch strip of embossed red velvet felt for each napkin ring. Overlap the ends of the embossed red velvet strip, forming a ring; sew the overlapped area to secure.
  7. Position leaves on the overlapped area of the ring, and sew in place. Hot-glue three bells to the center of the leaves for the berries.
  8. Cut a 9-inch length of ribbon. Fold the ribbon, making two loops (refer to the photo); secure with a tack stitch.
  9. Fold the looped ribbon in half and make a tack stitch near the fold. Tuck the ribbon under the leaves with the loops on top; sew the ribbon in place.


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