Christmas Coloring Pages

Print these Christmas coloring pages and cards for your kids, supply the crayons, and watch the fun. With Christmas trees, stockings, and gingerbread men, our free Christmas printables will add festivity and entertainment to your family holiday.

Holiday activities for the kids have never been easier! These printable Christmas coloring pages bring Christmas traditions to life -- and coloring sheets offer the perfect way for kids to stay entertained during the holidays.

The Christmas icons pages make great cards for kids to personalize, too. Simply reduce the Christmas coloring page to fit your desired card size and print onto cardstock. If you'd like, print a Christmas greeting on the other side of the cardstock, or let kids write their own messages. After your kids color the images, fold the cardstock to make a homemade Christmas card.

Editor's Tip: For a Christmas card, test the placement of the coloring page and the greeting on regular white paper before you print onto cardstock.

Colorful Place Mats

Set these adorable place mats out to keep the kids busy until mealtime. Use the full sheet as a place mat and cut the sectioned sheet to create smaller activity cards. Sprinkle stacks of these coloring cards around the table for little ones to work on once they've finished coloring the mat or to occupy them while the adults are finishing the meal. 

Gingerbread Man

Kids will rush to catch this gingerbread man and decorate him in the colors of their choosing. All the fun of decorating a gingerbread man without the mess of cookie-decorating. It's a win-win!

Bonus idea: Print the gingerbread men on smaller pieces of paper and put out a larger piece so the kids can draw a gingerbread house for their decorated people. You may end up with a gingerbread castle or enchanted gingerbread forest - the possibilities are endless!

Christmas Tree

Kids love decorating the Christmas tree. This coloring page lets them design their own special tree -- and there's no mess for you. Print this page on a large sheet of paper and let the kids trace around mini cookie cutters to create custom shapes of ornaments! 


Star light, star bright, won't you color this star tonight? Encourage the kids to imagine all the color possibilities for the star-embellished ornament on this Christmas coloring page. This page is simple enough for the younger kids, and older children will have fun creating a colored pattern for each ring of the ornament. 

Santa Claus

Ho, ho, ho! Jolly St. Nick won't be the only one smiling when kids start adding color to this Christmas page. Scale down this image and place it on the lower half of a regular-size piece of paper. Print and let your child color the image; then fold the page in half to create a card. Perfect for writing letters to Santa! 

Milk & Cookies

Leave Santa some colorful milk and cookies this year. The kids can bake up some creative colors for these Christmas classics - and the kitchen will stay clean! Have them write their name on the card and include a sweet note to Santa in the blank spaces. Have them color the same page every year for a fun keepsake of Christmas memories!

Gingerbread House

This adorable gingerbread house is made of gumdrops, candy canes, and a sweet gingerbread man. Just imagine all the candy-color fun the kids will have decorating this house! This is the perfect way to let the younger kids celebrate the tradition of decorating gingerbread houses while limiting the mess and the sugar intake.

Christmas Stocking

Color this Christmas stocking and label it with care, for soon St. Nick will be there. With this simple outline, little kids can enjoy coloring the page, while bigger kids can have fun embellishing the stocking. Have everyone in your household decorate their own stocking, then cut them out and hang the paper stockings together for a sweet Christmas decoration. 

Gingerbread Man Christmas Greeting

This smiling gingerbread man sends a big Christmas greeting. The simple coloring page lets kids add their own personal touches. The adorable holiday greeting banner makes this another perfect design for a homemade Christmas card! Place the image on the lower half of a piece of paper, then fold and color. 

Bonus idea: Send several personalized cards by having a coloring day, and letting the kids color several sets of these cute cards at once. Your recipients will get a card colored just for them! 


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