Tall and narrow, short and squat, and brimming with character, the houses in this Christmas village avoid the cookie-cutter mentality.


Make your own DIY Christmas village from paper chipboard! Hand-drawn custom details make each house unique. Surround your village with greenery, lights, or faux snow to ground the cutout houses, creating a unified focal point. Intermix wooden christmas trees for a minimalist, organic feel.

How to Make a Cardboard Christmas Village

Supplies Needed

  • Lightweight chipboard
  • White permanent marker
  • Crafts glue
  • White Gesso acrylic paint primer

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow our simple step-by-step instructions to make this craft with paper chipboard. We'll even get you started with a free Christmas house template.

Step 1: Trace Free Patterns and Cut

Download the free Christmas craft template below to start making your cardboard village. Enlarge the patterns onto white paper and cut out, then trace patterns onto chipboard and cut out.

Download Free Christmas Template

Step 2: Add Details with Marker

Using white marker, outline each house and roof, adding siding, shingles, bricks, smoke, and other details as shown on the patterns. Draw on window panes, shutters, and other details. Follow the template to add details to each house using crafts glue.

Step 3: Finish and Display

Fold each easel as indicated by the dashed lines on the patterns. Glue an easel to the back of each house to help them stand. Mix equal amounts of gesso and water, then brush the whitewash mixture onto each cardboard tree and let dry. Outline each tree using white marker, glue an easel to the back, and set up your handmade Christmas village!


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