Candy Trees

Pin little wrapped candies -- peppermints or other sweets -- onto a craft foam shape for a treat the kids will love. See our video for more project instructions.

What fun to make something everyone loves, and everyone will comment on this gorgeous little candy tree. It's quick and easy to make.

See our instructions below, and don't miss the video of Sandra Lee making this holiday craft project.


  • 12-inch Styrofoam cone
  • Wrapped candies, such as peppermints, LifeSavers, Sweet Tarts, or other favorites
  • T-pins (from a craft store)
  • Wired sheer ribbon
  • Glass pedestal dish


  1. Start to decorate the Styrofoam cone with a row of candies around the base. To attach the candies, poke a floral T-pin through each candy wrapper and push the pin into the cone at a downward angle until the pin is nearly tight against the surface.
  2. Continue up the cone, adding rows of candy to cover it completely.
  3. Cut two lengths of sheer ribbon. To create spiral-effect, wrap ribbon around pencil. Pin both strands of ribbon to top of tree, one on top of the other.
  4. Make a small loop bow and pin in center top of tree.
  5. Set on the table or elevate the tree on a glass pedestal or pillar candleholder (securing with Tacky Wax).

Note: Since pins are used in this craft, be sure to use caution when making or displaying this tree around very young children (or curious pets).


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