Candy-Cane Sheets

Rubber stamps and fabric paints turn plain white sheets into festive holiday bedding.

What You Need:

Curl up inside these sheets to ensure sweet dreams of holiday cheer.
  • White sheets and pillowcases
  • Cosmetic sponges
  • Fabric paints in the desired colors (or use rubber-stamp inks intended for use on fabrics)
  • Rubber stamps in candy and candy-cane shapes
  • Fine-tip permanent black marking pen


1. Wash the sheets and pillowcases and press if necessary.

2. Use cosmetic sponges to pat fabric paint of the desired color evenly over the surface of the rubber stamp. Do not let the paint get into the crevices of the stamp design. Firmly press the stamp onto the sheet without rocking it; a rocking motion will smudge the design. Lift the stamp straight off. Reapply paint and repeat the stamping procedure as often as you like to cover the pillowcases and sheets with the designs. Let the paint dry. To change colors, first clean the stamp with window cleaner and water; use a toothbrush to remove any paint from the crevices.

3. Use the fine-tip marking pen to write the phrase "...while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads..." on the bedding. Place the phrase randomly; let the ink dry.

4. To set the paint, press the fabric on the unpainted side with a warm iron, or tumble the sheets in a dryer for 20 minutes at the highest possible setting.

Tips for Successful Stamping

  • Choose deeply cut rubber stamps that keep the paint on the surface; avoid getting it into the crevices around the design. If paint seeps into the crevices, you cannot stamp a sharply defined image.
  • Fabric paints work best on natural fabrics such as cotton and silk. If you use a poly/cotton blend, choose a blend that is at least 50 percent cotton.
  • To apply several colors to the stamp at the same time, cut the cosmetic sponges into smaller pieces and use them to pat the colors onto the stamp.
  • Instead of fabric paints, you can use fabric marking pens. Color the stamp with the pen and breathe on it prior to stamping; your warm breath will reactivate the ink.


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