Wood bead garlands swoop into a space-saving Christmas tree that's as much art as holiday necessity. 


We're loving this take on the wood bead garland trend. Vivid accent colors and light wood tones string together for a modern twist on the classic Christmas tree. Large colorful felted wool balls take the place of ornaments and create a space that's a festive place to gather gifts. When you're done, put your new skills to the test and make a few of our favorite felt Christmas ornaments

beaded christmas tree hanging on wall

How to Make the Beaded Tree

Supplies Needed

  • Twine
  • Yarn needle
  • 328—1/2-inch (12-millimeter) round wooden beads
  • 310—5/8-inch (16-millimeter) round wooden beads
  • 30—2-centimeter felted wool balls
  • 24-inch length of 1/4-inch wooden dowel
  • D ring
  • Quick-setting glue (such as Quick Grip from Beacon Adhesives)
  • 2—9/16-inch mushroom plugs
  • Yarn in assorted colors (to match colors of felted wool balls)
  • 3x5-inch piece of cardboard
  • Florists wire

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these simple instructions to make your own beaded Christmas tree out of wood bead garlands. Keep it minimal by using plain wood beads, or add pops of color by painting the beads. 

Step 1: String the Beaded Christmas Tree

To make the tree, you'll need to string wood beads into multiple garlands. Cut nine 5-foot lengths of twine and knot one end of each length, leaving a long tail beyond the knot. Thread one length of twine onto a yarn needle and start stringin wood beads onto the twine. The first four of your wood bead garlands will need to be exactly the same length. We used eighty-two 1/2-inch round wooden beads—try not to lose count as you string! Knot the end, leaving a tail beyond the knot. Repeat, stringing 1/2-inch beads on three more lengths of twine. You should have five remaining lengths of twine.

For the remaining five strands, you'll string fifty-five 5/8-inch round wooden beads and six randomly placed felted wool balls onto each length of twine, pushing the needle through the center of each felted wool ball. Knot each end, leaving a tail beyond the knot.

Editor's Tip: Count out the beads ahead of time by tens, making small piles (or separating the beads into jars).

Step 2: Attach the Dowel Tree Base

To turn the wood bead garlands into a Christmas tree for a small space, you'll create a base for the tree out of a wood dowel rod. The dowel will act as the base of the tree and will spread the strands out into a tree shape. Tie one end of a strand with felted wool balls to the center of the dowel. Referring to the photo, tie a 1/2-inch bead strand to each side of the center strand. Continue alternating strands until all strands are tied to the dowel. Tie all the other ends of the strings to a D ring. Using quick-setting glue, adhere a mushroom plug to each dowel end to keep the strands from sliding off.

Step 3: Add Decoration

We added tassels to our tree for an extra pop of color and Christmas cheer. They're super simple to make! Wrap several colors of yarn around a length of cardboard that's about as long as you'd like the tassel to be. Thread a 10-inch length of yarn under the wrapped edge along one cardboard edge and tie tightly using a slip knot, leaving long tails. Cut through the wrapped yarn at the opposite edge of the cardboard. Wrap red yarn around the bundle several times near the tied end and tie in place. Trim to the length you'd like, and repeat to make a second tassel. Tie both tassels to the D ring.

Step 4: Create the Beaded Tree Trunk

Add the finishing touch to your DIY Christmas tree by creating a base of wood beads. Cut a 2- to 3-foot length of florists wire. Straighten wire, and thread seven 5/8-inch round wooden beads onto center of the wire. The first row you string on will form the bottom row of the tree trunk. Bend the wire ends up and thread a second row of seven 5/8-inch beads onto one wire, then thread the other wire through to the end (each wire passes through the beads and out the opposite edge). Repeat this process to make five rows of beads total. Wrap the wire ends around the dowel, centering the trunk below the tree, then trim wire ends. When you're done, hang your tree using the tree's D ring and a nail or removable hook on the wall. 

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