3 Low-Cost Winter Crafts to Brighten Your Home

Spread jolly winter cheer from November through the last flakes of snow. These three inexpensive winter crafts feature sparkle, shimmer...even a snowman!

Use cheap supplies to make fun snowmen crafts. Each snowman requires just a few supplies and can be made in minutes.

Wooden Snowman Craft

  1. Start with two wooden balls of different sizes; glue them together with hot glue. 
  2. Cut a strip of felt paper about a quarter inch wide and about 8 inches long (this will be the scarf). Attach the scarf to cover the seam between the balls. 
  3. For a nose, use a small triangle of felt. Fold it over and glue it in place. 
  4. To make the snowman's eyes and buttons, use a hole punch to cut tiny felt circles. 
  5. For a hat, cut a strip of felt to fit around the rim of a wooden flowerpot. Glue it on. Add a pom-pom and glue the hat to your snowman.

Discover the secret household ingredient you can use to turn pillar candles into display-ready centerpieces.

  1. First, spray the candle with adhesive on all sides. Set up a cardboard box to shield your workspace from any overspray. 
  2. Then roll the candle in a dish of kosher salt, turning and pressing it into the salt to coat evenly. 
  3. Arrange several candles on the platter that's been lined with rock salt for an easy, sparkly holiday centerpiece.

Glittery Bells to Hang

Make these festive holiday paper bell decorations with just five supplies!

  1. Cut off the bottom off the bell shape. 
  2. Open the bell and secure with glue. Coat with gold glitter spray; let dry.
  3. Tie a long ribbon to the hanger of an ornament, then snuggle the ball into the bottom of the bell. Secure ribbon in the center of the bell fold with dots of glue; also put glue along the cardboard edge before closing and hanging the bell.


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