Two-Bite Delights for Christmas

Cinnamon-Sugar Roll Cookies
These delightful little cookies, tarts, and candies prove that good things come in small packages.

Double-Almond and Raspberry Blossoms

Enjoy the double delight of almond in both the filling and the pastry shell of these dainty tarts.

Cherry Tassies

Laced with peppermint and topped with long-stemmed maraschino cherries, these moist tartlets make the ultimate holiday treat. For a bit of glitz, sprinkle them with coarse sugar after baking.

French Filled Macaroons

These chewy meringue cookies can go sweet or tart depending on the filling you choose. Here, we've alternated between lemon curd and raspberry jam.

Peanut Bites

These delicious little cookies take just three ingredients to make: pound cake, vanilla frosting, and peanuts.

Mini Fruit Tortes

As tasty as they are beautiful, these diminutive, no-bake tortes come together in a few simple steps with store-bought ingredients.

Nutmeg Kisses with White Chocolate Drizzle

Light and sweet, these spiced meringues will melt in your mouth. Drizzled white chocolate adds a dash of decadence.

Browned Butter Toffee Tartlets

These mini tarts have a sweet toffee filling and are topped with a crumbled chocolate-covered toffee bar.

Butterscotch Tassies

A buttery, chocolaty mixture fills delicate puff pastry drizzled with homemade butterscotch sauce. Tight on time? Use store-bought pastry shells instead.

Pistachio Cookie Cups

These tartlike cookies are filled with bright green pistachios and red dried cranberries for a naturally festive holiday color duo.

Strawberry Cheesecake Tartlets

Add pizzazz to any holiday party with tarts that offer the creaminess of a classic strawberry cheesecake in a mini version that's every bit as delicious.

Choco-Berry Tartlets

A sweet and creamy chocolate-raspberry-coconut blend fills these bite-size tartlets. You can make them using a standard muffin pan.

Tropical Dream Tassies

A luscious lime filling gives these tiny tarts a refreshing twist. Top with whipped cream and toasted coconut.

Cappuccino Love Bites

For this simple topper, press a striped chocolate kiss into each baked cookie while it's still warm. After the chocolate softens, swirl it with a knife.

Rocky Road Tassies

All the goodness of this beloved candy bar is tucked into buttery pastry shells topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Bittersweet Cheese Truffle

For the ultimate sweet treat, coat morsels of rich French Mimolette cheese in bittersweet chocolate and pieces of dried mango.

Chocolate-Peppermint Meringue Kisses

Ideal for a holiday open house, these sweets feature a layer of crushed peppermint candy, velvety chocolate, and billowy meringue.

Mocha Truffle Tartlets

Melted dark chocolate and creamy coffee-flavored mousse make these tartlets a hit; save time by making them with store-bought phyllo pastry.

Fudge Brownie Tartlets

A decadent homemade frosting fills buttery pastry shells; serve it with tawny port or espresso.

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