Santa and Reindeer Christmas Cookies

Bring your holiday cookie tray to life with these playful Santa- and-reindeer-shape Christmas cookies. Use cookie cutters in simple shapes -- circles, hearts, diamonds, and more -- then dress them up in the merriest of decorations for a collection of cookies that's sure to win Santa's approval.

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    Triangle Santa Sugar Cookies

    This vintage Kris Kringle mimics those found in classic Christmas movies. Deck him out in a cherry-red suit using homemade egg paint, then use luster dust and swirls of icing to create his snow-covered beard.

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    Geometric Reindeer Sugar Cookies

    Try your hand at this quirky reindeer character featuring twisted pretzel ears, a chocolate-dusted coat, and Santa's special gumdrop hat.

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    Star Santa Almond Sugar Cookies

    Sure, Santa loves sleigh rides. But better yet? Sledding! Bundle him up in boots and mittens using licorice jelly beans and black icing coated in sparkly sprinkles.

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    How to Make Icing for Cookies

    Icing is essential to creating these charming Santa and reindeer Christmas cookies. With our Test Kitchen secrets to success, you'll be whipping up icing like a pastry chef in no time.

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    Heart-Shape Reindeer Sugar Cookies

    Share some love this holiday by sending friends and family a sweet package of heart-shape reindeer cookies featuring simple chocolate eyes and a red candy nose.

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    Half-Moon Santa Almond Sugar Cookies

    Use a crescent-shape cookie cutter to create this whimsical and trim Santa, complete with icy-blue eyes, a sprinkled white beard, and oh-so-rosy cheeks.

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    Ombre Reindeer Cookies

    Send your reindeer cookies out in style this Christmas. Create this ombre look by adding icing colors from dark to light. Use a toothpick to blend icings where colors meet, then watch your fashion-forward cookie strut its stuff on the cookie tray.

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    Diamond-Shape Santa Sugar Cookies

    Help Santa get some shut-eye before the big night with a darling (and cozy-looking) peppermint hat featuring red stripes, a sprinkle rim, and a round candy tip.

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    Round Reindeer Gingerbread Cookies

    Let this lively reindeer show off its starry antlers using melted milk chocolate and an easy-to-make pastry bag. Simply fill a resealable plastic bag with frosting, snip off a corner, then pipe on mini stars. Marshmallows and a small red cinnamon candy make sweet facial features.

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    Bell-Shape Santa Sugar Cookies

    One twinkle of his golden belt, and Santa's suit-inspired cookie is sure to steal the spotlight. Share a batch at your next cookie exchange and watch friends gush over the sweet frosting details.

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    Bell-Shape Reindeer Cookies

    One-up silver bell cookies with our chocolate reindeer twist. All you need to make these adorable almond sugar cookies is candy coating, a resealable plastic bag for piping on antlers, and a red jelly bean for the nose.

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    Teardrop Santa Almond Sugar Cookies

    Plump and jolly, this teardrop-shape Santa cookie is decked from head to toe in candy couture using tart red licorice, smooth frosting, and winter-white gumdrops.

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