Red and Green Christmas Cookies

Crème de Menthe Brownie Bites
Christmas cookies offer jolly holiday fun. Whether you're making them as a family tradition, using them to lure in loved ones, or leaving them under the Christmas tree, these red and green Christmas cookie recipes will guide you through adding just the right amount of festive detail. From the candy cane red Cherry Almond Spritz to the vibrant green Spearmint Dips, we're sure you -- and Santa -- won't be disappointed.

Christmas Thyme Cookies

We think its thyme you tried this recipe that combines lemon juice, shredded lemon peel, and the slightest hint of mint to give a whole new meaning to Christmas cookies.

Cherry-Walnut Balls

The perfect addition to these delectable cherry-walnut cookies is a sweet layer of powdered sugar. Sprinkle with edible red glitter for the ultimate Christmas cookie spectacle.

Mint-Chocolate Cookies

Charm your guests with a classic. Dress up these familiar chocolate chip cookies with a green candy garnish to add a touch of festive color and a bite of cool mint.

Cherry-Almond Spritz Sandwich Cookies

When you're pressed for time, this quick Christmas cookie recipe will bail you out. Within 30 minutes you can entertain guests with the robust flavors of almond and cherry.

Spearmint Dips

With a recipe that makes 96 cookies with only 52 calories each, we couldn’t think of anything sweeter -- until we dipped these minty green delights in white chocolate!

One of the most common questions we hear is, "How do I know when my cookies are done?" We help solve this baking conundrum with our secrets to testing your chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and other favorite cookie recipes during the baking process.

How to Check Cookies for Doneness

Don't let your Christmas cookies go up in smoke. This video demonstrates when to leave cookies in the oven just a little longer and when it's time to take them out.

White Chocolate-Raspberry Cookies

Oven-warm raspberry-daubed cookies with an elegant but effortless white chocolate drizzle make for a sweet ending to your Christmas meal.

Lime Lights

Topped with a lime cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with shredded lime peel, this cookie recipe will be sure to bring zest to the table.

Candy Cane Sandwich Cookies

Replace traditional candy canes with a tray of these cute-as-can-be Christmas cookies splashed with vibrant red and a decadent layer of peppermint filling.

Pistachio Cookie Cups

Share the fruits of your labor with this cookie recipe that brings together orange and apricot embedded in a flaky, buttery shell filled with pistachios.

Star Mint Meringues

The light, airy texture of this peppermint-packed delicacy makes them indulgent delights -- and at only 27 calories per cookie, you won't feel naughty post-snack.

Key Lime Pie Tassies

End your holiday on a high note with these tasty bites inspired by Key lime pie. A few drops of green food coloring give the filling its familiar hue.

Peppermint Palmiers

In need of a last-minute gift? You can count on these Christmas cookies flavored with creme de menthe. With a recipe that yeilds 80, there are plenty to go around.

Spearmint Whoopie Pies with White Chocolate Mascarpone Filling

These cookies filled with rich Italian mascarpone are delizioso! Add crushed spearmint candies for an extra kick of crunchy flavor and a touch of Christmas green.

Lemon-Pistachio Checkerboards

Divided into yellow and green (lemon and pistachio), these adorable Christmas cookies are effortlessly made from two different cookie batters pressed and baked together.

Almond-Raspberry Blossoms

This Christmas cookie recipe offers a hint of orange citrus flavor. You'll also taste almonds and berries in the red raspberry-filled center. Can't finish them all? That's OK -- they have a freezer life up to three months.

Creme de Menthe Brownie Bites

Complete these minty-chocolate treats with a vibrant green creme de menthe topping and a dash of edible glitter to add some deliciously fabulous sparkle to the Christmas season.

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