A new way to give sweets to your sweetie.

By Mason O'Brien

Sugar cookies are SO last year! Make the holidays extra jolly with Frosted Sugar Cookie Dip! This fun, fluffy dish is a total crowd-pleaser: We recommend you serve the dip fondue style with delicious cubes of pound cake in hand. Make this dessert more fun and interactive by gathering friends around the "fondue" pot and celebrate the season in style with this Frosted Sugar Cookie Dip!

What You Will Need


A short ingredient list will allow you to put this dip together in minutes. You can also use pre-made pound cake to serve along with your dip. The pound cake flavor is the perfect compliment as it doesn't overpower the sweet dip! Many of the ingredients for this recipe are probably already in your pantry! You will need: heavy whipping cream, frosted sugar cookie creamer, powdered sugar, pound cake, sprinkles and crumbled sugar cookies to top it with (optional). Easy right?

Get the full ingredient list here.

Follow These 3-Step Instructions


1. Using a mixer, add chilled heavy cream, frosted sugar cookie creamer, and powdered sugar together. Beat on high until stiff peaks start to form. This process should take 5-7 minutes.

2. Pour frosted sugar cookie dip into your serving bowl. Top with sprinkles and crumbled sugar cookie.

3. Serve with pieces of pound cake with toothpicks or fondue forks to use for dipping.


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