Gorgeous Christmas Cookies from a Mix

Save time baking this season with Christmas cookies made from packaged mixes and store-bought cookie dough. Our 17 from-the-heart touches, including festive sprinkles and delicious add-ins, help make these Christmas cookies look both gorgeous and homemade!

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    Easy Red Velvet Slices

    Red velvet cookies may seem fancy, but they're actually super easy to make! You can thank refrigerated cookie dough, a few drops of red food coloring, and canned cream cheese frosting for that.

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    Cherry Macaroon Brownies

    Take brownies beyond the box with a splash of cherry liqueur and sweet toasted coconut. Maraschino cherries complete the macaroon-brownie mash-up.

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    Easy Christmas Flowers

    Purchased PB cookie dough isn't the only thing that makes these pretties easy to create. A simple smash-and-slit technique using an ordinary kitchen knife and some green candies gives the sprinkled cookies their flowery appeal.

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    Peanut Butter and Chocolate Spirals

    Forget jelly -- we always knew peanut butter and chocolate were meant to be! These swirly cookies call for two kinds of purchased dough: sugar and peanut butter. Use our easy rolling technique to get the look.

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    Cornmeal Stars

    Light up this year's cookie tray with a batch of iced cornmeal stars. Edible glitter gives the cookies golden sparkle while fresh lemon peel adds lip-puckering punch. 

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    The One Cookie Technique You Need

    Soft or chewy? Crisp or cakelike? We know you have a preference! Watch our easy techniques for baking your cookies to personalized perfection.

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    Lemon Sugar Snaps

    Have yourself a lemony little Christmas. Indulge in these fresh, sugary bites for fewer than 100 calories a cookie. (That's right!) Just hit the store for cake mix and pudding mix. The other ingredients you likely already have in your pantry.

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    Soft S’more Cookies

    S'mores at Christmastime? We couldn't resist the soft chocolate chip cookie base and all the campfire essentials even if we tried.

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    Banana-Chocolate Chip Bars

    Banana bars never tasted so good. With just six ingredients, including PB cookie dough and hearty rolled oats, you can whip up this irresistible holiday treat in no time.

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    Spiced Brownies with Cream Cheese Swirl

    Greet holiday guests with a plate of treats they can ooh and aah over: brownies. These sweet and stunning versions start with a mix and some homey spices, and finish with a swirl of lush cream cheese.

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    Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies

    Double the snickerdoodle, half the effort. Roll balls of plain store-bought dough in a cinnamon-sugar mix, bake, then sandwich the cooled cookies with a smear of honey-infused cream cheese.

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    Honey-Roasted Peanut Butter Bars with Chocolate Ganache

    With a rich layer of devil's food cake, a creamy peanut butter filling, and a fudgy topping, these easy bar cookies are a chocoholic's dream.

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    Peppermint Sugar Cookie Bars

    Our chocolate-draped cookie bars are the coolest of peppermint treats. They start with store-bought dough and finish with a sprinkling of Santa's favorite Christmas snack: candy canes!

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    Gingerbread-Espresso Spirals

    Gingerbread men are so last Christmas. Swap the cutouts for stellar (and easy!) spiral cookies, complete with gingerbread and sugar cookie dough. A hint of espresso in the batter makes waiting up for Santa a snap.

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    Lemon Crinkle Cookies

    There's a surprise ingredient baked inside these cookies: lemon olive oil. The infused cooking essential gives these cakelike cookies a creative spin.

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    Mint-Chocolate Cookies

    Make an on-hand box of cookie mix dazzle with mint-flavor chocolate and mistletoe-green candy toppers. A spoonful of mint extract in the batter keeps the cookies extra festive.

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    Cashew-Brickle Cookies

    See ya, peanut clusters! There's a new treat on the tray: cashew cookies. Made with only three ingredients -- plain cookie dough, chopped cashews, and almond toffee bits -- these crunchy cookies are a holiday no-brainer.

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    Cherry Crumb Bars

    A package of oatmeal cookie mix turns into a delicious after-dinner holiday dessert when paired with sweet cherries and powdered sugar icing.

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