Decorative Cookies

Try a recipe or two for decorative Christmas cookies.

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    Santa Madeleines

    These soft, cakelike little cookies from France are made sweeter still when formed into the cherry-cheeked likeness of the jolliest old elf of them all -- Santa Claus.

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    Spicy Ginger Houses

    Black pepper is the secret ingredient in these sugar-and-spice cookies that make beautiful decorations.

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    Santa's Lists

    Santa (or someone with more permanet residence at your house) may make these lists, but he won't have a chance to check them twice if there are hungry elves around!

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    Orange Snowballs

    Sparkling with a dusting of orange-infused sugar, these melt-in-your-mouth cookies make a lovely addition to a gift box of Chrismas treats.

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    Christmas Flowers

    Create cookies that look like poinsettias, complete with green leaves.

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    Eggnog Angels

    Kids will adore making their own decorations of nutmeg-spiced heavenly hosts whose "stained glass" windows are simply crushed hard candies that melt during baking and reharden when cool.

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    Green Cherry Trees

    Get the big kids in your house rolling and cutting, and let the littler ones decorate these three-dimensional sweet trees.

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    Maple Log Cabins & Trees

    Create the coziness of a cabin in the middle of the Vermont woods with a warm fire, a cup of coffee, and, of course, these delicious cabin- and tree-shaped cookies.

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    Elf Hats

    To give these meringue elf-toppers their jocular colored pom-pom, pipe on a bit of tinted icing after baking.

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