Anyone can make a classic gingerbread house or decorate a few Christmas tree-shape sugar cookies. But if you're looking for something a little more unique this holiday season, add these cookie kits to your Christmas wish list. Disney gingerbread houses, footie-pajama cookies, and chocolate tiny houses are super-fun ways to start celebrating the season!

By Andrea Beck
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Nothing puts us in the Christmas spirit quite like holiday baking and decorating. But if you’re more interested in the second part, or if you’ve got a few young holiday helpers who just care about icing and candy, then these adorable holiday cookie kits are for you. You can decorate an army of ninjabread men, build and decorate your own chocolate cookie Christmas tree, and more! All of these kits come with everything you need to express your holiday spirit, so there’s no need to stock up on extra frosting or sprinkles.

Box for Disney gingerbread house kit
Image courtesy of Amazon

1. Disney Holiday Gingerbread House Kit

Every Disney lover HAS to include this holiday gingerbread house on their wish list this year. This unbelievably adorable gingerbread kit includes everything you need to make a holiday house worth of Mickey Mouse himself—it’s got gumdrops, candy beads, and Mickey-shape candy pieces. You can even move in Mickey and his friends with a few window stickers featuring your favorite classic Disney characters. We can’t think of any better way to get in the holiday spirit, especially if you’ve got a house full of young Disney fans.

Box for footie pajamas cookie decorating kit
Image courtesy of Target

2. Footie Pajamas Cookie Decorating Kit

Ugly sweaters have certainly had their moment in the spotlight, but there’s another classic Christmas outfit that deserves some recognition—footie pajamas! Let’s be honest, we all had a pair we pulled out every holiday, and they were the perfect outfit for unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. Now you can show off your love for your favorite footie pajamas by decorating a vanilla holiday cookie to look just like them (or create the pair you always wanted). Plus, your little ones will love munching on a Christmas cookie copy of their footie pajamas while they wear them. And if ugly sweaters are more your style, don’t worry—you can decorate your own Christmas sweater cookie, too.

Box for tiny house gingerbread kit
Image courtesy of Walmart

3. Chocolate Cookie Tiny House Kit

This super-cute chocolate cookie kit lets you build and decorate the tiny house of your dreams (without actually committing to living in it). A little easier than assembling a full-on gingerbread house, this chocolate cookie tiny house is just as fun to decorate, but it won’t take quite as much time as a gingerbread manor. Particularly if you’ve got a few younger holiday helpers whose attention wanders easily, this simple tiny house is a great way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Box for Super Mario gingerbread castle kit
Image courtesy of Walmart

4. Super Mario Gingerbread Castle Decorating Kit

Why settle for a gingerbread house when you can construct an entire castle instead? We know you’ve got at least one video-game lover in your life who would happily spend the day building (and eating) this adorable gingerbread castle. It comes with icing and gumdrops for decorating like all the other gingerbread houses you know and love, but it also includes a few Mario-specific decorations, like gold coins, superstars, and Mario himself. No Princess Peach though—we’re guessing the princess is in another castle.

Box for chocolate Christmas tree cookie decorating kit
Image courtesy of Target

5. Chocolate Cookie Christmas Tree Decorating Kit

Decorating the tree is easily one of the best parts of preparing for Christmas—and now you can do it twice! Of course, once you finish trimming this tree (and taking plenty of pictures), you can break off a piece for a taste test. This adorable chocolate cookie Christmas tree kit includes all the sweet decorations you need for “hanging” ornaments on the tree—even tiny candy Christmas lights. All you need now are a few tiny presents to place underneath!

Box for gingerbread men ninjas decorating kit
Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Gingerbread Ninjas Cookie Kit

This isn’t just gingerbread—it’s ninjabread! If your family isn’t excited by plain old gingerbread people anymore, these ninjabread characters will definitely have them counting down the days until Christmas. A great holiday activity for the action-lovers in your family, you can make these cute gingerbread characters look as tough as you want. As an added bonus, this kit includes four ninja cookie cutters, so you can also make ninja sugar cookies for the holidays or anytime year-round!

Box for gingerbread doghouse cookie decorating kit
Image courtesy of Walmart

7. Gingerbread Doghouse Decorating Kit

Planning on decorating a gingerbread house this year? Don’t leave out your furry friend! Of course, we’re not recommending including Fido in the gingerbread house decorating fun, but you can represent him in your gingerbread village with this adorably decorated doghouse. After all, man’s best friend extends to gingerbread men, too. You can decorate this small gingerbread house with colored icing and mini candy dog bones. This super sweet holiday treat even includes a tiny gingerbread dog you can place in the doorway!

Box for dipped ornament brownie bites decorating kit
Image courtesy of Amazon

Bonus: Dipped Ornament Brownie Bites Kit

If you’re more of a brownie person, you can still get in on holiday dessert decorating. These sweet ornaments look super realistic, but they’re actually brownie bites dipped in white chocolate! Rather than decorating sugar cookies or gingerbread, you can don these realistic Christmas ornaments with colored sugar, sprinkles, or even extra colored frosting. And instead of hanging them on the tree at the end of the day, you can celebrate your decorating efforts with a big bite of this holiday brownie dessert.


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