Rich & Chocolaty Holiday Cookies

Chocolate Chippers
From triple chocolate cookie sandwiches to chocolaty caramel thumbprints, these decadent holiday cookies are our greatest hits.

Super-Duper Chocolate Kisses

Chocoholics dream of cookies this rich and chocolaty. They bake up from refrigerated cookie dough and feature festive sprinkles and an irresistible candy center. Each batch takes just eight minutes to bake.

Chocolate Crinkles

A sprinkling of powdered sugar tops these simple-to-make chocolate cookies. Prep takes just 30 minutes, and each batch bakes for just eight.

Minty Cocoa Fudge Sandwich Cookies

A creamy mint chocolate frosting fills these chocolate sandwich cookies, which travel beautifully and make delightful gifts.

Chocolaty Caramel Thumbprints

These pecan-studded chocolate cookies feature a creamy caramel center and yummy chocolate topping.

Triple-Decker Decadence

A pretty swirl of ganache adds an elegant twist to these indulgent holiday cookies.

Peanut Butter Munchies

Chocolaty on the outside, these sweets offer a deliciously creamy peanut butter center.

Hazelnut Cocoa Coins

Toasted hazelnuts give these chocolaty cookies crunchy goodness. Drizzle melted chocolate over each one after they've come out of the oven.

Chocolate Pillows

Fill wonton wrappers with a buttery mixture of red wine, melted chocolate, and tart cherries; vanilla ice cream sprinkled with chocolate shavings completes the treat.

Almond-Chocolate-Hazelnut Crescents

A drizzling of melted chocolate adds a festive twist to these pretty cookies.

Chocolate-Hazelnut "Mousse" Cookies

Creamy mousse and toasted hazelnuts top these luscious chocolate cookies.

Chocolate-Cherry-Walnut Thumbprints

Cherry pie filling and melted chocolate top these scrumptious cookies.

Devilish Delights

Coffee liqueur and espresso-flavored chocolate pieces enhance the chocolaty goodness of this holiday favorite.

Fudge Ecstasies

It takes just two steps and a handful of ingredients to make these cake-like chocolate cookies.

Marshmallow Snappers

Marshmallows, pecans, and caramel make a decadent topping for these cakelike chocolate cookies.

Chocolate-Pecan Crunchies

A dusting of powdered sugar and toasted pecans make these crispy chocolate wafer cookies something special.

Mocha Munchies

Coffee-covered espresso beans give these cookies their delicious flavor; the coffee enhances the chocolate.

Fruit and Nut Chocolate Sticks

Dark chocolate sticks are dipped in peanut butter and coated with dried fruit and nuts. For a crunchier treat, use pretzel sticks instead of the chocolate.

Choco-Berry Tartlets

A sweet and creamy chocolate-raspberry-coconut blend fills these bite-size tartlets. You can make them using a standard muffin pan.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Cookies

Chunks of chocolate and hazelnuts fill these moist chocolate cookies, drizzled with a chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Mocha Meringue Kisses

For lots of chocolaty goodness, without all the fat and calories, try these light-as-air sweets. Each one has only 32 calories and is fat-free.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sticks

With a biscottilike texture, this twice-baked version of America's favorite cookie is perfect for dunking in milk or coffee.

Milk Chocolate Mini Cookies

A milk chocolate-sour cream filling makes these chocolate cookie sandwiches a treat to eat.

Chocolate Snickerdoodle Drops

For a fresh spin on a holiday classic -- snickerdoodle cookies -- try these cinnamon-spiced chocolaty treats.

Double Chocolate Chunk Biscotti

With chunks of milk and white chocolate and a chocolate-drizzle topping, this biscotti variation is rich and irresistible.

Chocolate Ribbon Cookies

Filled with nuts and chunks of chocolate, these pretty cookies get their stripes from baking vanilla and chocolate dough together.

Chocolate Chippers

For a chocolate fix, minus all the fat and calories, try this light and airy meringue cookie.

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