100 Best Christmas Cookies EVER

Chocolate-Marshmallow-Peanut Clusters
This collection is the perfect mix of trusted cookie favorites, inspiring new flavors, easy start-with-a-mix cookies, and special holiday goodies.

Your Best Batch Yet!

No bakes, classic cookies, crispy treats, cookies that start with a mix, tassies...the list of fantastic, time-tested cookies in this collection goes on and on (well, technically we limited it to 100, but that should last you until Santa arrives).

Read on for recipes featuring our best-ever Christmas cookie creations.

Best Classic Cookies

Nothing beats these five classic cookies. Trust us when we say these are the very best versions of these goodies.

Best Cookie Knock-Offs

Skip the cookie aisle the next time you crave something sweet. Get the familiar flavors you love with our five homemade versions of your favorite packaged cookies -- only better!

Best Chocolate Cookies

Whether you go dark and decadent or light and creamy, each chocolaty bite in this collection delivers rich, luscious flavor.

Best Crispy Rice Cereal Bars

Rice cereal bars are a blank canvas of fluffy, crunchy, goodness. Try your hand with one of our five rice cereal bar combos.

Best with a Glass of Milk Cookies

Warm up a winter night with these five wonderful cookies that go great with a tall glass of milk and a fireplace.

Best Holiday Cookies

Snowmen, Christmas trees, and eggnog, oh, my! Take a snap shot of the holiday with these adorable treats. 

Best Tassies

Tassies are similar to tarts and very versatile. They are a perfect holiday bite. Now get going on these delectable cookies!

Best Cherry-Flavor Cookies

Cherries are the perfect Christmas color and are so versatile in cookies. Here we prove that cherry-infused desserts are a wonderful addition to any holiday party platter.

Best Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies

Peanut butter mixed with chocolate is a tried-and-true delicacy. These five treats hit all the sweet-salty notes.

Best Lemon Cookies

Brighten up your holiday with the sweet and sour zest of lemon. Our five tangy recipes will satisfy your lemon craving.

Best Cookies Under 100 Calories

These low-cal recipes are a holiday win (under 100 calorie treats for zero guilt). Bring these to a holiday gathering for a sweet retreat.

Best Cookies from a Mix

Save time in the kitchen with a store-bought dough or mix. Add in just the right of homemade flair with these five cookies.

Best Bar Cookies

Bars are one-pan wonders. These five bars are versatile and easy to make. Now get started by heating up the oven.

Best No-Bake Cookies

The holidays are a busy time for the oven. Skip baking with these no-fuss treats with a little help from the stove top. Hardest part? Picking your favorite.

Best Heritage Cookies

Everyday ingredients take a tour around the kitchen and transform into international treasures.

Best Under-7 Ingredient Cookies

These treats are no joke. Only six or fewer ingredients necessary for an array of gorgeous holiday cookies.

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