The Story Behind This Spider Christmas Ornament Is So Heartwarming

Ornamental spiders aren't only used as Halloween decorations. These Christmas creepy-crawlies actually have a sweet story and are a token of good luck.

When you think of spider decorations, you probably think of Halloween. But, if you look closely, you'll notice that many Christmas trees have a spider ornament hanging from its branches. This Christmas tradition is believed to have originated in Ukraine or Germany and has a humble story to tell. 

"The Legend of the Christmas Spider" is the story of a poor but hardworking widow and her children. A pinecone fell onto the floor of their hut and started growing into a sapling. The children were excited to have a Christmas tree that year, but the family didn't have any money to decorate it with baubles and strings. They went to bed feeling defeated but woke up on Christmas morning to a tree covered in spider webs. When they opened the window, sunlight hit the webs and turned them into gold and silver (believed to be the origin of tinsel). The family rejoiced and never lived in poverty again.

Placing a spider Christmas ornament on your tree is a token of good luck and good fortune. Some ornaments feature a spider on a web, and others are a single decorative spider. Many people make their own from wire and beads, but you can also find them in stores. 

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Get a spider ornament in classic Christmas colors so it blends in with your other decor. This bulb and beads design uses a green and red color scheme and has a pretty poinsettia design on the back of the spider. It comes ready-to-gift in a plastic box on a bed of tinsel with a story card tucked inside. What a perfect hostess gift!

Buy it: Christmas Spider Ornament, $13, Amazon

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Pick a Christmas spider with a little glamour to play on the silver and gold hues from the story. This pretty ornament features a gold spider on a matching web. Clear crystals are embedded in the spider and around the web for some extra sparkle.

Buy it: Spider on Web Ornament, $19, Wayfair

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Support an Etsy crafter's shop this holiday season. These dainty handmade ornaments use a pearl bead as a base and glass beads to line the legs with color and shine. Each ornament comes with a story card so you know the story of the tradition.

Buy it: Christmas Spider Ornaments, $6, Etsy

Image courtesy of Zazzle

Try a more subtle ornament if you're new to this tradition. This pretty porcelain ornament has a delicate filigree snowflake with a small spide in the middle. Get it wrapped in a red velvet pouch for $2 more for an easy gift.

Buy it: The Christmas Spider Legend Ornament, $17, Zazzle


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