This Is How You Make the Most Amazing Holiday Cards

You'll never purchase a store-bought card again!
Mr. Printables

'Tis the season to send holiday cards! Did you just look at the size of your list and cringe? We're right there with you. So this year, we're going to try to tackle some easy-to-make, yet ultra chic, DIY holiday cards to keep our costs down and our stress levels at bay. The end result may actually be cuter than what we're seeing in stores, if we do say so ourselves! Check out our top six favorite DIY holiday cards right now:

1. Traditional Manger Card

Consumer Crafts

For those of you looking to take the traditional route with your holiday card, we found a great manger DIY from Consumer Crafts. It's cute, colorful, and looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. Simply round up your craft paper and scissors, cut some fringe and some additional shapes needed to create the baby, and glue together. Everyone on your list will be suitably impressed.

2. Snow Globe Shaker Card

May Holicraft

We're obsessed with this DIY snow globe card much like we are with the actual snow globes themselves! It takes a few more supplies, and some creativity, to get your "globe" nesting between two pieces of paper to form your card. But May Holicraft has clear, detailed instructions to coach you through the creation process. Before you know it, you'll have a pile of cute, interactive cards to send out!

3. Hanukkah Cards


The best thing about these Hanukkah cards from Fiskars? They're completely customizable! So long as you have a dose of creativity and enough cardstock, you can make different patterns for every card you send. We like the ideas laid out in this post with classic dreidel and menorah shapes. And while some glitter cardstock and a professional punch system add an extra edge to their cards, they'll look just as good with your own free-form cut designs.

4. Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card

Life Artworks

There aren't really any instructions for this card on Life Artworks, but that's because it's so easy to make. You don't need instructions! Simply grab cardstock for the actual cards, a sharpie and a ruler, a yellow marker, and different ink pads for your fingers. Fold your card, draw a tree and a star, write a message, and decorate your tree with finger stamped "ornaments." Easy peasy!

5. Easy Sewing Cards

Mr. Printables

These cards look completely crafty and DIY, which is trendy, cute, and fun! We love that Mr. Printables gives you the templates to download and print yourself, adding another easy aspect to this DIY. Simply be sure to print on sturdy paper, punch holes, and use colorful yarn to "sew" a pattern onto your cards. Then, write a message on the back between strings, and you have some serious whimsy heading to the mailbox.

6. Q-Tip Painted Trees

Make and Takes

We saved maybe the cutest card for last! This DIY from Make and Takes is perfect for someone who wants a simple, seasonal DIY without a lot of cutting, trimming, and labor-intensive effort. With some paint, Q-Tips, and just a little artistic patience, you can create tiny patterns that form into something seasonal: A tree, like the DIY suggests, or maybe a star, a sled, or even a Santa. We bet you could come up with some pretty cool dotted creations. Go for it!


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