Ribbon Cards

Scraps of paper and satin ribbons decorate easy-to-make cards and tree ornaments.

What You Need:

Our patterns will help you make 3 shapes: a tree, an ornament, and holly leaves from ribbons.
  • 6-1/4x9-inch pound-paper card stock (or construction paper cut into 6-1/4x9-inch pieces)
  • Red, blue, yellow, and green self-stick paper satin ribbons (or other paper satin ribbons and glue if you can't find the self-stick ribbons)
  • 3/4-inch gold star stickers
  • Tracing paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Ribbon Card Instructions:

1. Download the free patterns for this project. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)

Ribbon Cards patterns: Tree, Ornament, and Holly

Download Adobe Acrobat

Steps 5 and 6.

2. Select a pattern. Trace the pattern onto tracing paper. Trace both the solid and the broken lines. Write the color for each part of the pattern between the broken lines. Cut out the pattern along the solid line.

3. Fold the card paper in half. It should measure 4-1/2x6-1/4 inches. Center the pattern on top of the folded card and use the pencil to lightly draw around the shape.

4. Cut the tissue pattern apart along the broken lines. The marked tissue pieces will be used as patterns to cut the ribbon.

5. Lay the patterns on the ribbons. Draw around each shape. Cut out the shapes.

6. Fasten ribbons to card. Working with one ribbon piece at a time, moisten the back of each piece and fasten it to the card within the drawn lines. When all pieces are in place, carefully erase the pencil markings that remain. Add the gold star sticker to the top of the tree.

Tree Ornament Instructions:

1. Use an unfolded piece of construction paper that is slightly larger than the pattern you want to make.

2. Follow the instructions for making the ribbon cards. Then when the ribbon pieces are in place, cut around the design about 1/4 inch from the ribbon edges.

3. Punch a hole in the top of the ornament.

4. String an 8-inch piece of thread through the hole. Tie the thread ends in a knot to make a loop for hanging.


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