Make Your Own Christmas Cards

cutout holiday card craft
These DIY Christmas cards will be the star of any loved one's mantel. Each design has step-by-step instructions for making your own creative Christmas cards.

Origami Tree Card

This chic DIY Christmas card wows thanks a simple folding technique.

To make, cut white paper into ten 3-inch squares. Cut gold paper into a small triangle. Fold squares in half diagonally, touching opposite corners. Then fold the square in half again, touching corners to form a triangle. 

Attach each triangle onto the card with glue, creating the tree shape. Note: Make sure the fold is in the middle to give the card a 3-D effect. Glue the gold triangle at the top of the tree.

Stamped Christmas Card

We made this simple and chic homemade Christmas card using personal stamp maker and a steady hand. Personal stamp makers allow you to turn any design into a stamp, but feel free to use ours!

"HO" Christmas card

It's easy to make your own Christmas cards. Spread season's greetings while also showing off your sewing abilities with this simple and chic handmade Christmas card.

To make, cut decorative paper to the size of your storebought card and affix with spray glue. Affix letter stickers to card. Create a shadow by embroidering around the letter shape using the backstitch. 

Tree Ribbon Card

Make your own Christmas cards with a little leftover ribbon and a little handiness with a crafts knife means a fun and colorful Christmas tree card.

To make, start with two pieces of cardstock: cut one 3×5" and one 5×6" piece of cardstock. Fold larger piece in half to form card; unfold.Using pencil and ruler, make marks the same widths as ribbons in a triangle shape on right half of card.

Use crafts knife to make slits where marked. Thread ribbon through slits and tape ends down on back.Tape 3×5" cardstock inside card flap to hide ribbon ends.

Layered Ornament Christmas Card

This handmade Christmas card has dimension and fun texture.

Start with a plain, storebought card, then cut decorative paper to the size of your card and affix with spray glue.

Cut six to ten same-size circles out of vellum and fold each in half. Stack all circles on top of one another and line them up on the card. Hand-stitch through the center of the circles up the top of the card.

Tie ribbon into bow and glue to top of ornament.

Confetti Christmas Tree Card

Our confetti is made of tissue paper, plus metallic ribbon for shine. There are even more ways to customize this fun card; maybe you want to divert from the traditional holiday color palette or a confetti snowman is more your style. 

Simple Sequins

This DIY Christmas card showcases a modern take on a traditional Christmas tree, with no evergreen to be seen.

To make, fold a piece of cardstock into card. Attach one end of embroidery floss to the inside front of the card. Bring floss from the inside of the card to the outside front from the bottom of the card.

Loop string to create a tree, gluing the string down at the end of each "branch." After you have your branches,  attach sequins at end of each branch and add a seasonal greeting.


Happy Howlidays

One of our favorite creative Christmas card ideas? Use stickers! This punny Christmas card is easy to make: plan the design of the card based on the size of the stickers by marking where the stickers and letters will be placed.

Place the stickers on the front of the card. Glue a piece of contrasting scrapbook paper to the back of the card.

Santa Claus Greeting Card

We just found another use for your Santa Claus wrapping paper, Santa Claus Christmas cards.

Cut decorative paper using scalloped scissors to the size of your stroebought card and affix with spray glue. Cut a circle out of leftover wrapping paper with Santa figure and embellish using a simple back stitch and embroidery thread.

Cut a slightly larger circle out of another paper. Using a blanket stitch, embellish the outside of the circle.

Adhere first the larger, and then the smaller circle to card using crafts glue. Note: The divots in the scallop help stabilize your blanket stitch.

Homemade Christmas Card

Layered scrapbooking paper creates a dimensional, unique Christmas card.

Vellum Tree Christmas Card

If you've got wax paper, you've got elegant homemade Christmas cards.

To make, cut decorative paper to the size of your card and affix with spray glue. Cut triangles of various sizes from vellum and/or waxed paper. Line them up on the card as desired. Hand-stitch through the bottom of the card, adding triangles as you go up.

Add a bead or star to the tree top.


Santa Gift Card Holder

 Our Santa suit gift card holder is a breeze to make. Add white scallop-edge strips to a red gatefold card base. To make the sparkly silver buckle, use two sizes of square punches and layer the resulting frame over a strip of black cardstock.

Trimming-the-Tree Holiday Card

Searching for DIY Christmas card ideas? Turn to your tree! Convey your holiday sentiments with a Christmas tree card decorated with tiny ornaments.

"O Christmas Tree" card

Red and green are the stars of this handmade Christmas card.

The base of this card is  bold red card stock, folded into a card. The fron panel is snowflake-embossed paper, with a little distressing, that is machine stitched to the red cardstock.

The rest of the card is made by creating circles out of your red and green scrapbooking paper and using a sewing machine to sew them into a garland, using a long straight stitch. The garland is then arranged and glued into a tree shape on the front of the card.


Snowflake Christmas Tree Card

Snowflake stickers add sparkle and dimension to this delicate, pastel Christmas card.

Plan the design of the card based on the size of the stickers by making a shape using dots with a pencil on the front of the card.

Adhere the stickers on the card, forming a Christmas tree shape.

Vellum Garland Christmas Card

Garlands aren't just for the mantle. This unique handmade Christmas card proves it! Cut decorative paper to the size of your storebought card and affix with spray glue.  Cut squares, all the same size, out of vellum. Fold each in half forming a triangle. Hand-stitch a few lines across your card, attaching the triangles.


Recycled Magazine Christmas Card

This DIY Christmas card is a fun way to send personalized messages. We recommend finding bold typefaces, to make your card really standout.

Scrapbook Photo Christmas Card

Showcase your favorite Christmas scrapbooking paper by transforming it into one-of-a-kind card. 

We started with a store-bought photo card. Cut a piece of the scrapbook paper to fit the photo space. Glue inside the opening.

Cut another shape from the scrapbook paper pattern and glue to the front. Add seasonal wishes using washi tape that has a message.

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