Make a Felted Peppermint Gift Topper

Larger-than-life peppermints sweeten packages with their graphic red-and-white swirls.

What You Need

  • Felt: white and red
  • Embroidery floss: bright pink, gray, red, and white
  • Sequins: white and red
  • Beads: clear and red
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Beading needle

How to Make It

Transfer the Pattern Pieces

Trace the pattern pieces onto tracing paper; cut out the shapes. For each ornament, use a pencil to lightly trace one back, one center, and one wrapper shape onto white felt and one stripes shape onto red felt. Freehand-draw dashed lines and dots on the felt shapes. Do not cut out.

Embellish the Shapes

Using one strand of floss and a stem stitch, embroider the dashed lines on the center shape with bright pink and on the wrapper shape with gray. Use one strand of matching floss and a beading needle to attach white sequins with a clear bead on the wrapper shape and red sequins with a red bead on the stripes shape.

Assemble the Front

Cut out the red stripes shape and center it on the white center shape. Sew the stripes in place with one strand of red floss and whipstitch stitches. Cut out the white center shape and position it on the wrapper shape; whipstitch it in place with white floss to complete the front. Cut out the back shape and the ornament front on the wrapper lines.

Make a Floss Hanger

For the twisted floss hanger, tape one end of an 18-inch length of white embroidery floss to the end of a table. Twist the floss in one direction until it begins to kink. Holding the ends, fold the floss in half and allow the two halves to twist around each other. Knot the ends together.

Finish the Topper

Place the ornament front on the back. Use one strand of white floss to whipstitch the pieces together, securing the hanging loop in the stitches at one end of the ornament and leaving a small opening at the center. Stuff the ornament with fiberfill through the opening and whipstitch the opening closed.


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