Trust me, you’ll never address an envelope without it again!

By Emily VanSchmus
December 04, 2020
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Sending Christmas cards is one of my favorite holiday traditions. And while most people dread having to address dozens of envelopes, I love writing out each name, choosing a festive stamp (this year I’m using the new USPS holiday stamps), and adding a strip of patterned washi tape to each envelope. I thought I was a pro already, but recently I found something that makes perfectly addressing all those envelopes so easy. 

They’re called envelope addressing stencils, and after using them to address all my Christmas cards this year, I can’t imagine ever sending a card without one. A set of four stencils (they come in different sizes so you can address any shape of an envelope) is just $6, and I promise it’s worth every penny. 

Credit: Emily VanSchmus

If you haven’t seen stencils like this before, they’re simple to use. You place the clear plastic template over your card and use the top space to write your addressee’s name. Then, use the spaces below the line to write in their address, using the measured markings to make sure each line is uniform and centered. When you lift off the stencil, you’ll have a perfectly addressed card.

Credit: Emily VanSchmus

The best part about the stencils is that you don’t have to have perfect handwriting—the stencils will help you make sure that all the letters are the same height and that each address line is perfectly centered. This easy hack will impress everyone on your holiday card list this year.

Now, the outside of your envelopes will be just as pretty as the festive Christmas cards inside of them—which is saying a lot, because the Minted holiday cards I got this year are beyond cute. 


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